By Shalese Kocher

After you say yes, what do you do next? Call your mom? Call your best friend? Post that sparkler on Instagram? Just a tip: we highly recommend calling your mom before letting the Insta world know!

Jokes aside, what do you do AFTER all the announcing and celebrating? When it comes time to get serious about the logistics of planning a wedding, here are some places to start . . .

Number 1: Let’s Talk Money

Yes, it’s a little awkward to go from, “Mom and Dad, I’m engaged!” to “Mom and Dad, how much are you willing and able to pay?” It is, however, 100% necessary. The first thing you should do after celebrating is talk realistically with your fiancé and your families about the budget you’ll need to stick to.

Number 2: The Guest List

You might think you need to figure out a date first, but it’s actually much more practical to talk about the guest count BEFORE choosing a date. You can’t set a date without a venue, and you can’t choose a venue without some semblance of a guest count in mind. This will keep you from falling head over heels in love with the perfect venue that can only hold half of the people you need to invite. Again, sit down with your fiancé and your families to discuss everyone’s must-have list.

Number 3: Choosing Dates

BEFORE looking at venues, it’s a good idea to have some tentative dates in mind. For example, do you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding? Consider crossing July and August dates off your list of possibilities.   Are your parents headed out of town on a European adventure? Definitely cross those dates off the list. Having a few dates in mind that will work will only help as you head out to see some venues.

Number 4: Venue

Now that you have an idea of how many guests you’ll have, it’s time to start checking out venues. We’re seeing a huge trend of venues being booked WELL in advance, so make a list of your top choices that can accommodate your guest list AND your budget, then set up tours.

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One more thing you should do after you slide a ring on your finger? Register HERE for more excellent tips and inspiration from RVA’s top wedding vendors! And remember, our Expo is happening at Altria Theater on Sunday, January 15th! Happy planning!

Featured image: Shalese Danielle Photography