Breaking down Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplans Intimate Wedding Weekend

Today we’re breaking down ‘Call Her Daddy’ host Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplans intimate wedding weekend! We’re loving the ways that Alex ‘broke tradition’ on her wedding day and the weekend long celebration. 🎉

April 4, 2024: Alex states in her recent Instagram post that they started the day off right, eating delicious breakfast burritos. After they indulged in breakfast, they took their two pups, Bruce and Henry, for a walk on the beach as they waited for their guests to arrive. Alex wanted an intimate celebration, and decided Rivera Maya, Mexico was the perfect place to celebrate. Wedding planning is a big task for anyone, so the two vow’d to trust the hard work they put in leading up to their wedding and just enjoy the events as they unfold.

Alex and Matt visited the venue around Christmas time to see if it was the place for them. When they arrived they saw the staff building a Christmas tree sand castle. Obviously, they were in love with the idea. They took the sand castle idea and added a personal twist by having a sand structure of their dogs. This was the first thing guests saw upon arrival, and in our opinions it was perfect.

Thursday night is when the party really started! Alex and Matt welcomed their guests with espresso martinis and sweet vanilla margaritas. Alex was dressed in a unique set by Danielle Frankel. Needless to say the night was one to remember and they partied until 1 am. The couple and their friends shared laughs, tears, and celebrations, and it was perfect.

April 5, 2024: Alex and Matt went their separate ways to celebrate with friends. Alex went straight to the beach for a girls day, while Matt left bright and early for golf. After the events of the night before, it’s safe to say that everybody was in recovery. As Alex states, “Admittedly, we all went slightly too hard opening night, but the entire weekend felt like a vacation, so why not. As we should.”

The girls had a day filled with Rosé and Piña Coladas while they layed out on cabanas, dipped in the ocean, and unwinded at the spa for much needed massages. The boys eventually made the trek back to the resort, as Matt got to work on setting up an ice bath station to rejuxvante the crew.

After the ice bath shenanigans, and some rest before their night activities, it was time for the rehearsal dinner! They didn’t want a typical sit down dinner, and instead wanted a more relaxed vibe. They wanted the night before the wedding to feel , “intimate and cozy’ as Alex states on her IG post. They covered the beach in giant pillows and blankets, while everybody gathered around and poured out their emotions with tear-provoking speeches.

April 6, 2024: Alex and Matt spend the morning go the wedding together with breakfast on the terrace, and stayed in bed until noon. They felt spending time together before they say I do was important to really prepare for the moment. Matt left for his friends to get trade and Alex’s girls came to jam out to music, drink champagne, and laugh about old memories. Alex got ready in a Victoria Beckham slip dress with Jimmy Choo shoes. Alex states, “When it was time to put on my dress I felt so calm and peaceful. I knew this was about to be one of the most incredible moments of our love story and I wanted to soak it all in as much as I could.”

She revealed her gown to her girlfriends, who shared 23 years of friendship. Upon the gown reveal, everybody was sobbing. Alex’s mom and dad came to see her before the ceremony and emotions were heavy, but in the best way possible. When Alex saw her dad the tears started all over again. Her parents brought her baby pearls that were a gift to Alex when she was an infant. Her mom was dressed in a blue Oscar De Larenta dress. Alex said her mother was her something blue.