Detail Photos & 10 Items to Include

Weddings are all about the details. From accessories to flowers, invitations and décor, the whole day begins with details! The elements you select tell the story of you, your spouse, and your wedding. Often photographers will start the day documenting these items. Here are ten to provide the photographer.

1. Loose Florals

Ask the florist for loose florals. Many times they have extra clippings after making the arrangements and can provide a few additional ones for little to no cost.

2. All 3 Rings

Have the rings cleaned before the wedding! Keep the engagement ring and wedding bands in a secure box or container.

3. Shoes

Shoes make a great addition to these shots. Include both yours and your spouse’s.

4. Bouquet and Boutonniere

Flowers and greenery always enhance detail photos!

5. Invitation Suite

If possible, include two copies of your invitation suite: envelope, save the date, invitation, RSVP card, wax seals, packaging, custom or vintage stamps, and any special calligraphy used.

6. Jewelry and Accessories

Include all jewelry or accessories the two of you plan to wear, such as a necklace, earrings, watch, bracelet, cufflinks, veil, hairpiece, special ring, tie, bowtie, etc.

7. Vow Books

Vow books make a fantastic background for ring photos, especially when the vows are handwritten.

8. Heirloom Items

Honor your family by including heirloom items that have been passed down from generations or anything that holds significance to you and your family. Often this is where the borrowed & blue comes into play.

9. Other Items of Significance

Using ribbon on your invitation suite? Giving a special favor to your guests? Make sure to include any unique items or accents that will be present throughout the day.

10. Gowns, Suits, or Custom Clothing

Have your dress or suit photographed before you get dressed. If there will be a second outfit, custom jacket, or piece of clothing planned for a different part of the day, make sure to have it documented!

To ensure the day starts off right, collect all detail items you would like photographed and put them in a bag or box ready for the photographer to grab.

Kylie Hinson is an internationally published wedding and lifestyle photographer who specializes in turning moments into memories. Kylie’s philosophy is pretty simple: tell the most amazing stories through photographs that capture true love, real emotions, and beautiful moments. To learn more about her photography services please visit,