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Love Your Flowers, Love Your Florist

By Victoria Zachary, Victoria Floral Designs

Getting the right mix for your bouquet is oh so critical today. No one wants to talk about COVID anymore, but the fact is, everyone is still dealing with the long-term effects of fewer employees, fewer shippers, and fewer flights. This is true for those in the floristry industry as well. So what does this mean for brides who are looking for the perfect bouquet? How do you go about planning, when to order, and which to choose? The good news is availability is rebounding, and your florist knows what to recommend if it is necessary to replace a flower for another or add a new one to pull it all together.

To get started, check for flowers that are in season. You will also want to know what is available year-round. Here is a short list of popular wedding flowers that may be found all year:

Calla Lilies – white, blush pink, pink, purple, eggplant, yellow, red, orange and novelty items

Dianthus – purple, pink, white

Delphinium – dark blue, light blue, lavender, white

Freesia – pink, white, purple, lavender, red, orange, yellow

Hydrangea – white, blue, green, pink, purple

Lilies – all types and most colors

Lisianthus – lavender, purple, white, pink, apricot

Orchids – all varieties, purple, white, pink, apricot, green

Ranunculus – white, pink, peach, orange, burgundy, red, purple

Roses of all types (standard, garden, and spray roses) – all colors

The florist should be working on your behalf, checking availability as well as reasonable substitutes. Stay in touch but also be patient. Your florist is contacting a wholesaler, who is contacting a buyer, who is contacting a farmer or grower, so it may take a little time to get answers. If you haven’t heard back after 5 or 6 days, a gentle reminder is a good idea.

Your florist wants the best possible outcome for you. Their most fulfilling moment is when they hear you say, “I love my bouquet!” or “My flowers were just what I imagined they would be!”

John and Victoria Zachary have enjoyed sharing their love of flowers and plants for 45 years. The Zachary’s opened their specialty wedding business and retail shop 22 years ago when they returned to John’s home in the Commonwealth. They look forward to sharing their enthusiasm for the floristry industry as you plan your very special event.