Spray Tans + Your Wedding Day

By Michelle Walters with Island Glow Sunless Studio Salon and Beauty Bar

Thinking about getting a spray tan? If so, how should you plan your makeup? There’s nothing like that sun-kissed glow on the day of the wedding. Together with your beauty team, you can put together a look that is NATURAL and totally you.

So, you have a special occasion (engagement photos, bachelorette party or wedding) coming up and are feeling a teensy bit pale. You wish you could have a nice glow without having to overdo it on the bronzer. What better way than to get a spray tan?

Here are a few secret benefits of a spray tan under your makeup:

    • Makes eyes and teeth appear brighter.
    • Smooths skin tone allowing the makeup artist to pick the right foundation.
    • Helps skin to look more youthful.
    • The skin will appear softer and smoother and the color difference between neck and face will be easier to blend.
    • All of this leads to looking your best in the photos!

With a tanner complexion than usual, the makeup strategy might need to change. Here are some tips for makeup with a spray tan.

  • Make sure the foundation matches your new tanned self. You don’t want to get a tan and then use the super pale foundation that was used on your previous face. Invest in a color-matched foundation that perfectly goes with the new skin tone.
  • It is important to remember when you have a spray tan to wear a bit more color on the lips and stay away from the nudes. This is important for photos as you do not want your lips to fade into your skin color. Also, a pop of lip color will make teeth appear even whiter.

When Should I Get My Spray Tan?
If getting a spray tan for your wedding, schedule it two days before the makeup trial so that your makeup artist can match the foundation and have a completed look that you are confident with. This also allows you to feel comfortable with the whole spray tan process, and you can practice the sunless tanning rules. Getting the tan two days before the makeup application allows the color to settle into the skin, and it will make the day-of-makeup go even smoother having the correct foundation already chosen.

Skincare and Your Spray Tan
How you take care of your skin will have a direct impact on how the spray tan looks. Your skincare can make it or break, especially on your face!

Make sure to listen to the instructions given by the spray tan artist. Do not use any skincare products with any kind of salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or alpha hydroxy acids as these ingredients can cause the tan to fade prematurely or become uneven. You should, however, use mild gentle washes with NO exfoliators. Salons usually recommend natural, sulfate-free body/bath washes as well as an argan oil body butter that usually smells amazing!

Having a spray tan from an experienced artist followed up with professionally applied makeup is going to make the difference in wedding photos! Investing in wedding beauty is going to show. You are the star of the day and should get to feel like it.

Be sure to research all of the other spray tan rules when getting yours. Under the special occasion makeup, the tan will make you feel so much better giving that extra oomph of confidence. Bonus points for white teeth, bright eyes, and smooth skin…and perfect pictures!

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