The Perks of a Restaurant Rehearsal Dinner

By Amy Cabaniss, Owner of Julep’s New Southern Cuisine

When it comes to your rehearsal dinner, many couples decide to host the occasion at a local restaurant. Not only is this optimal for out-of-town guests, but it can also help take the stress off of a couple that simply wants to show their party a good time in the city they love. Here are just a few reasons why hosting one at a restaurant can have a major payoff.

Customized Menu
If you’re seeking a menu with variety, uniqueness, and personalization, a restaurant rehearsal dinner is perfect. Many are not only equipped to handle large-scale orders, but they are also able to plan a personalized menu just for your special day. This is especially important for guests with special allergies who may not otherwise have many options. Couples should select one close to their venue that illustrates the type of “vibe” they are going for, casual versus intimate, for example. You’ll be asked to provide a “per head” price point, and from there the chef will work his or her magic. You’ll be able to create a menu that appeals to all tastes while also fitting within your budget. Your guests will leave satisfied and excited for the wedding festivities to come.

Specialized Service
There’s no substitute for good service. An event could have an excellent menu, but that means nothing if the staff provides poor service. Couples hosting rehearsal dinners at a restaurant can trust that their event will go off “without a hitch,” with expert-level waitstaff ready to serve everyone.

Budget Conscious
As noted before, restaurants are typically flexible in working within your budget. A rehearsal dinner hosted at a separate site may incur costs that you didn’t budget for. Things like furniture rentals, refreshments, and bartending staff. A major benefit for a rehearsal dinner at a restaurant is the streamlined costs since you’re using an existing location that has a proven track record.

The rehearsal dinner is often seen as the “appetizer” menu of the wedding festivities, and you’ll want to ensure that guests are wowed. Choosing one that accurately portrays your personality and taste is a great way to kick off the celebrations!

Amy Cabaniss is the Owner of Julep’s New Southern Cuisine. Julep’s is one of Richmond’s top upscale restaurants, offering quality service, creative and seasonal cocktails made with local ingredients, and Southern dishes inspired by Atlanta, Charleston, New Orleans, and Savannah cuisine. Julep’s is great for private parties, celebrations and rehearsal dinners.