Top 3 Rehearsal Dinner Considerations

You may be waiting until closer to your wedding date to book your rehearsal dinner location. However, with all the postponements from 2020, venues with private event space are booking up fast! Don’t wait too long!

RW TIP: Be sure to check with your Rehearsal Dinner Venue about your current options amongst COVID-19 regulations!

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By Philip Mannino, Co-Owner of Roma Restaurant & Catering

The most important is the location of the rehearsal dinner. Some are held at the same place as the wedding while others are usually held in a private dining space at a nearby restaurant. The locale is very important because it dictates the whole rehearsal from timing to who to invite. Hosting the dinner at the wedding venue is great because there is not much traveling after rehearsal. However, having it at a separate place is also nice because you can invite more guests and family to meet at a central location for everyone, especially if you have out of town attendees. Caterers and restaurants book way in advance so be sure to consider this when selecting the restaurant.

Another point to consider is the type of decor for the dinner. Having nicely decorated tables with subtle touches can set the tone for the evening. Floral arrangements or centerpieces are sometimes all that are needed to make the dinner feel special. Runners and candles also make great features and can tie in your wedding colors for the weekend. A display table is one of the final touches that you may consider. Photos of the couple and small party favors or dessert would be a must. Remember, your rehearsal dinner’s ambiance sets the tone for the wedding the next day.

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The last item that is also important when planning a rehearsal dinner is the food! Choosing a great caterer to prepare the meal or amazing restaurant to host the dinner is equally important. The food is always a memorable part of the rehearsal just as it is at the wedding the following day. A rehearsal dinner is attended by the bridal party, family, and friends that you invite so it needs to make a great impression. It is always a good idea to try the food before selecting the caterer or restaurant. Ask the caterer for a tasting or visit the restaurant with your parents and fiancé for a dinner date to check out the options available.

Philip Mannino is the Co-Owner of Roma Restaurant & Catering along with his older brother. Philip was raised in the family business and has been working in the restaurant since he was ten years old. His family now has two local restaurants which cater weddings and special events throughout the Richmond area. Call 804-559-9200 or email for booking info!

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