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Meet ME! I’m Amye Brunette, Co-Owner and Editor in Chief of Richmond Weddings™. I’m the voice behind the scenes on social media and beyond. I figured it was my turn to share my story.

If you care to share, how did you get to where you are now?
We are second generation owners. My husband (Scott) and I bought this business from my mom, Mickie. She started the biz at the ripe age of 50! After 15 years she was approaching retirement. At the time, Scott and I were living in Redondo Beach, CA where I lived for over 7 years. (Scott is from L.A. and it’s where we met.) We were engaged in January 2005 and in March she came out for our engagement party and planted the seed. She considered it her 5th child (I’m her 4th) and wanted someone to carry on her legacy. Just a few short months later Scott and I were loading up the car for a cross country move. This summer marks 17 years!

From our dating years in L.A. circa 2002(ish)

Tell us more about your business
We are Richmond Weddings™, the best local resource for anyone planning an event in Richmond. We run this robust website with an active blog, our beautiful print magazine, in person wedding shows twice a year, and of course our social media channels. We’ve heard so many times over the years from people that they used Richmond Weddings™ to plan not only weddings, but also other life events such as milestone birthday parties, retirement parties, graduations, etc. We have an amazing group of event professionals that we get to promote every single day.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?
My favorite thing about working in the wedding industry is our clients – the wedding vendors. We have the best clients that have become family to us. Seeing everyone gives me so much joy. I really missed it during the pandemic. We’re grateful to be surrounded by some of the best wedding vendors in Richmond, VA.

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What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?
My best piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding is to HIRE THE PROS! We preach this constantly through our magazine and social media, and cannot say it enough. Over the years we’ve heard so many horror stories of things gone wrong because a professional wedding vendor wasn’t hired. Seasoned wedding vendors know what to do in case of bad weather, or certain mishaps throughout the day. Pros have a backup plan to the backup plan. It’s in their DNA!

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?
I’m loving all of the personalization, food trucks for end of night snacks or desserts, mobile bars/trailers, textured linens – oh so much more! I get to see all the pretty things daily. There’s so many unique venues in RVA. And, I really love when couples get creative and bring their personalities into a theme.

How do you de-stress?
My newest obsession is getting back into the gym. It’s helped a lot. Also, spending family time with Scott and our boys (about to be 14 and 12) and being close to water.

What’s your favorite food/dish/cuisine?
Spaghetti, calamari and anything with gravy. (that’s the southern in me)

If you were to meet any celebrity, who would it be?
Joe Elliott (lead singer of Def Leppard 🤘- been obsessed since my early teen years), Robert Downey, Jr., Prince

What would your perfect Saturday be like?
Laying on a white sandy beach overlooking crystal clear blue waters, cocktail in hand, Scott by my side and watching our boys play.

What’s a fun or unusual fact about you?
I’m very musical. I took four years of piano when I was younger, played drums in high school, and learned guitar during the pandemic. I injured my elbow and got busy, but hope to pick the guitar back up and keep practicing.

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What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Hopefully the Def Leppard/Poison/Motley Crue/Joan Jett concert we’re going to this week!

Most used emoji’s
🤣 😭 🤗

Do you love to travel? If so, what are some must-see destinations?
I have major wanderlust. Scott and I spent two months in Europe (before kids) and we hope to take our boys there someday. My favorite cities were Florence and Madrid. We have much more to see though. Also, we love Jamaica – been 4 times (so far). I LOVE the Caribbean.

Do you have a pet?
We recently lost our two dogs – Sugar (chow/retriever mix) in November 2020 (17-ish) and Pudge (Puggle, 16.5) just a couple of months ago. They were our first babies, before our human babies. It’s been sad and quiet in the house, but we’re not ready to get another.

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What is your favorite season of the year and why?
Spring and Fall. I’d love them more if I wasn’t so allergic!

What’s your favorite family tradition?
Night time routine with our boys: we eat dinner together, they shower and we watch a few shows on the couch or play games or if we have time both. We do this most every evening. Also, chicken and dumplings with all the family over!

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