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Discover Event Perfection. Get to know Virginia's premier wedding lighting providers. Our experienced technicians and award-winning designers are dedicated to quality and the success of your wedding. Throughout years of service, we bring a track record of excellence and a promise of perfection. With unlimited resources at our disposal, there is no wedding that we can't handle.

Meet with our designers and explore the endless possibilities for your event, experience effects before they happen with our extensive portfolio or our state-of-the-art rendering services. We're on a mission to improve quality standards and making dreams become reality is just a part of our goal.

Trust in experience. Our highly-trained crew is made up of industry professionals, and will ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch, leaving you with no worries and a perfect event.

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The Lighting & Sound Co. entered the wedding industry with a simple philosophy: everyone deserves a perfect event. We concluded that a perfect event consists of 3 major facets:

Quality. Our staff are thoroughly trained on production principles, hold industry certifications, and are educated on the important facets of a quality event. Each of our events is internally audited by our design team to ensure perfection. Equipment for your event will be installed in a safe manner, in accordance with industry standards and regulations, and will be placed neatly out of the way of your guests. We ensure that our teams have access to the best professional-grade equipment and methods available on the market by extensively testing new gear and sending our team to industry trade shows and seminars across the country. Everything, from the tools & equipment we use on site, to the trucks our techs arrive at your event in, is top of the line.

Customer Care. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled customer service. Each and every client is important to us, so we won’t keep you waiting; along with offering extended office hours to help fit your schedule, we promise a prompt response to quote requests and maintain that throughout the event-planning process. We want to build relationships, so you will work with the same designer from the moment you start your design process to the day of your wedding.

Affordability. We keep our prices affordable by reducing our overhead and unnecessary costs. Our crew works efficiently and our products are meticulously researched to offer the best combination of performance and value. The price you are quoted is the out-the-door price, with no extra below-the-line fees, additional service charges, or unreasonable add-ons.

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