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Sound Snap Photography Owner, Ashley (Mari) Loth believes in creating artistic visions of your life for you to enjoy, these memories in timeless forms.
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Channeling your Inner Baddie since 2009
We are a Bi-coastal Boudoir Studio. Sound Snap Boudoir is a brand focused on embracing who you are, no matter your body type, gender or sexuality.

Where do I start? I have lived MANY lives in my short amount of years on this earth from being a Burlesque Performer, to touring with bands, to bartending at your local dive bar.

My love story with Photography starts in my youth but really our story gets good in my 20s. I was waiting tables and worked a 1000 different jobs but nothing started a fire in me. In 2013 I decided to start taking my hobby seriously and start my journey on becoming a full time Photographer, Sound Snap Photography was made in 2009 but didn't become an LLC till 2015. I mostly shot small gigs doing weddings for $20 (HAHA what?!). Working at a local radio station is how I got my start shooting bands and shows (13 YEARS WITH THEM!). I started getting more and more opportunities to shoot and landed a HUGE gig, photographing a BURLESQUE FESTIVAL in JAMAICA! That is when I realized this wasn't just a hobby for me it was my passion and I was pretty good at it. Working freelance jobs, doing school portraits, wedding portraits, and other contract jobs is how I learned more in my craft. I finally got the opportunity to open my own studio in 2015, I bought out Pink Photography a well known Boudoir Photography studio in Richmond, Virginia, slowly over the years I turned that brand in to my own and created the empire I have today. We closed our Richmond Studio doors in 2019 and became a remote studio working allover the country.

In 2019 I moved to Joshua Tree California in hopes of opening my own tourist boudoir studio, as we all know the pandemic happened and work was at a standstill. That wasn't the only life changing event that year for me, I also found out I was pregnant! Becoming a mother has been a blessing and all my fears of not being able to keep my business going while being a full time single parent have been washed away.

Within the past decade of my career I have toured with world renowned bands, photographed over 100 weddings, photographed many clothing brands, helped over 300 people love their bodies through boudoir, published a book of my poetry/photography, worked with talented models/creatives/business owners/bloggers, worked on movie sets, and we're still going. Life never stops and you just gotta roll with the punches. My work is my life, I love creating last memories for your family to look back on. Let's work together!

XO -Ash

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