Wedding Day Tips from a Wedding Planner

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By Tatiana Kekuna,  Simply Charmed Weddings and Events

When thinking about your wedding day, you may get anxious wondering about all the things that could possibly go wrong (or be forgotten!). There are a few ways to make sure the day goes smoothly and that you are stress-free!

Tips for the Bride:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep after the rehearsal dinner. Do whatever you have to do to get calm and relaxed and go to sleep at a decent hour. This is not just about being well rested for the big day, but also for your photos. Makeup can work magic, but it can’t hide everything. Puffy, tired eyes are hard to cover, so get rest and keep the alcohol intake to a minimum.
  1. Put jewelry, shoes, and accessories in the bottom of the dress bag. Make sure these items are in bags or containers that won’t snag or damage the dress. If they are with the dress, you are far less likely to forget them, and you will have them in one spot for those beautiful detail shots.

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  1. Let the dress hang. Hang the dress out of the bag safely away from the hair and makeup location. This is often enough to get wrinkles out but if you must steam it, use the steamer away from hair and makeup. The steam will wreak havoc on your hair and makeup. It will be like walking into a sauna. 

  1. Skip the bra, button ups are your friend. Forego a bra the morning of the wedding to avoid red spots from the straps. You don’t want to wear anything you have to pull over your head either. Opt for a button down or robe that opens in the front.
  1. Break in your shoes. Your feet being in pain can derail the day. Make sure you walk around in the ceremony shoes before the wedding to break them in. Even if you plan to change into a different pair for dancing, the ceremony shoes will likely be worn for a couple of hours.
  1. Eat and hydrate! Weddings are long days. Forgetting to eat and drinking alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to eat mess free snacks throughout the morning and afternoon while getting ready and drink plenty of water. It’s also not a bad idea to take it easy on drinks until the reception.

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Tips for the Groom:

  1. Get a good night’s rest the night before. As tempting as it may be to bar hop or stay up all night drinking with the groomsmen, resist the urge and keep the partying for your wedding night. Spending the wedding day hung over is not ideal.
  1. Gather all your things into the suit/tux bag. Make sure shoes, cuff links, tie, and other accessories are all packed up together to ensure you don’t forget it the morning of. The less you have to think about as you head out the door, the better.
  1. Have two dress shirts. This is solid advice for the groom and groomsmen. Oftentimes, the shirts men wear on wedding day are light colored. In the event you spill a beer, hug your mom, or simply sweat, having a clean shirt to change into can be super helpful looking and feeling your best.

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  1. Groom the facial hair. If you shave, do this early in the morning of the wedding day with a fresh razor. You don’t want to be in the mirror shaping your beard moments before photos begin. Bumps and redness will show in photos. On that same note, the morning of the wedding is not a time to test out new ways of styling your hair! Do what you know works and makes you feel your absolute best.
  2. Eat.  There tends to be a bit more “relaxing” time for guys. Sometimes this can lend itself to more enjoyment of alcohol before the wedding and less eating. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water before the wedding ceremony.

Most importantly for both soon-to-be spouses, look in the mirror, take a moment to breathe, and soak in how wonderful the day is. It’s going to be your best day ever.

Tatiana Sizemore is the owner and lead coordinator/planner of Simply Charmed Weddings and Events. SCWE specializes in everything from full planning to month of/day of management and coordination. Couples interested in learning more about Simply Charmed Weddings and Events should visit