Your Wedding Eve: How to Prepare for the Big Day

By Paula Clark Ramirez with Historic Mankin Mansion

As the rehearsal dinner winds down and everyone wraps up the night, you may find yourself wide awake in anticipation for the day that follows. Rest assured that you’re not alone – most couples get some pre-wedding anxieties the night before, but it’s important not to let it take over and keep you up all night!

Think of Your Other Half
Most to-be-weds don’t spend the night before the wedding with one another, which gives you the perfect opportunity to take a moment and think about all the wonderful things about him or her. It’ll put your nerves at ease and pump you up for the next day (as if you need it!). Find some time to write a thoughtful note or grab some sweets to surprise your partner in the morning as he or she is getting ready. It’s a great way to set the tone for the first day of the rest of your lives!

Wind Down with Your Pals
Pajama parties aren’t just for 13-year-olds! Once you’re married, chances are you won’t have many opportunities to have a sleepover with all of your besties, so take the opportunity while you still can. Rent a few movies, play some games, and gossip all you want — a friend’s night in puts you at ease and takes your mind off of the little things.

Words of caution: be wary about overdoing it with the drinks. A couple is fine, but this isn’t your bachelor/bachelorette party; you need to wake up feeling fresh and clear-headed!

Prepare for the Morning
Sure, you want to guarantee that all of your ducks are in a row. That’s completely understandable, but don’t let it stress you out. Everything is done!  It’s time for you to relax and enjoy your wedding experience, including the hours leading up to it! Take enough time to prepare your attire and day-of accessories so they are set to go in the morning, but leave it at that. If you’re getting your hair done, make sure you have a button-up shirt to keep your ‘do in place!

Disconnect from the World
Once you’re back in your hotel room, send your partner a sweet goodnight text and assign your smartphone to a friend so you can live in the moment. Delegate any last-minute duties to your parents or in-laws and share their numbers with your planner. That way, you’ll be free to enjoy your last hours with your wedding party and you will sleep much easier.

Get Some Z’s
On that note, make sure you get some shut-eye! It may not be the full eight hours that you get every other night, but you’ll want to get enough sleep so you’re at your best the next day. Under-eye bags are never a good wedding look!

There are plenty of ways to spend the night before your big day, whether you’re spending it with friends and family or you prefer to spend the time alone. Just be sure you’re relaxing – the following day will be a busy one, so it’s important to unwind first!

Paula Clark Ramirez is the Proprietor of Historic Mankin Mansion Private Wedding & Event Estate in Richmond, VA. Paula and her husband Martin have lovingly restored this National Landmark to its original grandeur and are honored to share this treasured landmark with couples and their families. The property features stunning architectural views and is the past recipient of countless awards and features in Forbes, Orbitz, The Travel Channel, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Huffington Post and Oprah Magazine.