Wedding Planning Tips | Hire the Pros!

Pro Tip: Qualified Wedding Pros are the Only Way to Go!

By Tatiana Sizemore, Simply Charmed Weddings & Events 

Wedding budgets are a popular topic. There’s advice everywhere on how to save money and cut corners. But be careful. One thing to not cut corners on is hiring professional vendors. While friends and family may have all the best intentions with offering services for your day, if they are not actually licensed, insured, and experienced, you will potentially be in for a heap of trouble and may be held financially responsible for mishaps.

Any professional business will show necessary documents including licenses and insurance certificates, and some planners and venues REQUIRE vendors to be insured. Their policies protect you from damage caused by their services. While probably super unlikely, if a guest gets hurt or there is damage done to your venue, insurance can save you (the client) from liability.

Factors such as food safety are a huge concern if you decide to hire someone who isn’t a pro for your wedding. Keeping food at a safe temperature and ensuring it is warm for service is an art and skill and requires adequate equipment. Not having a professional vendor can result in less than appetizing cuisine and food borne illness. That would not be a good way to begin married bliss!

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For people such as coordinators and DJs, they are the glue that bind the day together. Hiring friends or family for these roles can result in a lack of care and at worst, a no show all together. The wedding industry runs on word of mouth and reviews and stories spread on social media. A professional business with a reputation to uphold and a contract to fulfill will not be a no show for your wedding without a backup plan in place, likely outlined in your contract.

When hiring vendors, ask for business insurance, reviews and a copy of their contract. Make sure there are explanations for what happens if they cannot make it on your day and how that would be handled. Hiring experienced professionals will guarantee less stress on your wedding day. And of course, a seasoned coordinator or planner will help with the process of vetting your vendor team!

Tatiana Sizemore is the owner and lead coordinator/planner of Simply Charmed Weddings and Events. SCWE specializes in everything from full planning to month of/day of management and coordination. Couples interested in learning more about Simply Charmed Weddings and Events should visit Book now as spots for 2022 and beyond are filling up FAST!