Wedding Stationery Trends

Wedding invitations and stationery are ever-evolving. While the traditional wedding invitation will likely never go out of style, new applications, printing styles, colors, and embellishments are allowing couples to make their invitations unique to them, their lifestyle, and the look and feel they want to convey.


Color is exploding in wedding papers. Although white, ecru, and gold will always be a staple, other colors are making appearances and sometimes stealing the show. Soft muted hues in blush, blues, and soft sages are a favorite. These work with the most formal of ceremonies and are great for more casual events, those with boho overtones as well as those with a farmhouse feel. Deep jewel tones are also making waves on paper. Emerald, rich ruby, amethyst, and sapphire are gorgeous to use in fall and winter. Earth tones such as terra cotta, peach, and sage green give a summer or autumn wedding a pop of seasonal color.

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The ultimate in personalization is a custom created watercolor or hand drawn crest. Crests are customized logos that symbolize a couple’s journey towards the altar. Your initials, where you met, your pets, favorite hobbies or pastimes, and colors of the wedding are favorites to include in a custom crest. No two are ever the same, and it highlights the uniqueness of each couple and their story. Once the crest is created you can use it throughout the wedding invitation suite as well as day-of items like seating charts, menus, napkins, and cups.


Typography is a huge design element, whether it is calligraphy with large loopy script or super modern block lettering with lots of white space. Typography is the most important of invitation design elements. Some of the most popular trends with typography are hand painted scripts and calligraphy. Depending on the style, invitations can have a formal look, or fun and casual. Minimalist typography is also a popular choice for couples that prefer a clean and modern appearance.

Eco Friendly

Some couples make their earth conscious statement through stationery that is green and helps reduce their carbon footprint. Some of the most popular sustainable products used in wedding stationery are plantable paper with non-invasive wildflowers and herbs that guests can put in the ground after the big day. Recycled paper and vegetable dyes are another way to make your invitations a little kinder to Mother Nature.

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Some couples choose to elevate their invitations with add-ons such as wax seals, vellum wraps, ribbons, and belly bands. Wax seals, an old-world stationery embellishment is having a resurgence in modern wedding invitations. Wax is melted onto the invitation or envelope and then imprinted with a design in the hot wax. Not interested in melting wax? You can get the same look with premade wax seals that have adhesive backs. Wax seals are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to up the wow factor for your invitations. Vellum is a trendy add-on with translucent stock that is used in wraps around an invitation, belly bands, and even envelopes. Vellum can also be printed and gives a very layered look to invitations. Ribbons, twine, and thread tied in bows or knots or combined with a wax seal, not only add a pretty finish to the invitation but also serves to keep all the pieces of the suite together in a neat package.

Your invitation sets the stage for the wedding and all that your guests will experience with you, make it one they would not say no to!

Article written by Holly Peters, Papeterie

Holly is the Owner and Lead Designer of Papeterie Fine Stationery and Gifts in Bon Air, Virginia. With a lifelong love of design, she and her staff enjoy custom designing your ideas into beautiful invitations. Papeterie has been serving brides nationally and internationally for 30 years. For unparalleled design, wedding invitation etiquette, service, and one of Richmond’s favorite gift boutiques visit our website at