3 Unique Ways to Capture Groups at Your Wedding

Group photos are important at a wedding, however sometimes they can be tricky to coordinate. Don’t stress over the ideal method for capturing everyone, here are three alternative choices you might not have considered!

  1. After the ceremony, take a group photo.

Immediately following the ceremony, when guests are already in one location, have the officiant announce that a group photo is about to take place. Have everyone stay seated or have them stand where they are. The photographer can take the picture from the altar with you in the middle of the aisle. Alternatively, if you are in an enclosed space that doesn’t allow for enough room, have the guests exit the ceremony space, gather outside, and take a group photo with you front and center. Afterwards, release guests to cocktail hour and have immediate family and the wedding party stay behind for formal portraits. 

  • Instruct guests to come to you.

Instead of going around to each table and taking a photo with guests, (which usually results in unfavorable lighting and awkward angles), have them come to you! Set up two chairs on the dance floor (or stand) and arrange for the DJ to announce each table one at a time to come to the floor for a picture. This allows the photographer to set the same lighting ensuring you get a pic with everyone well-lit and in focus. If you want to add a fun twist, pick a song, and turn it into a game. Try to get all group photos done before the song ends. For the last pic have everyone come up for a large group photo and then immediately afterwards, announce that dancing is now open since all guests will already be on the dance floor.

  • Make a pitstop on the way to your meal.

When tables are called up to get food, have them stop by for a quick photo op. Either have guests gather around the sweetheart table or create a fun photo wall where you can capture a quick pic with guests.

No matter how you choose to capture group photos, make sure to let the photographer and DJ know what the plan is so they can assist with gathering everyone. Kylie Hinson is an internationally published wedding and lifestyle photographer who specializes in turning moments into memories. Kylie’s philosophy is pretty simple: tell the most amazing stories through photographs that capture true love, real emotions, and beautiful moments. To learn more about her photography services please visit, www.kyliehinson.com