By Anne McKenzie, Memories Videography

  1. Your wedding film will capture the voices, the music, and the emotion. While photography depicts a moment in time, video gives the moment life again.
  2. With a video, you’ll get to see moments you may not have otherwise seen such as your Mom and Dad dancing or the prank the Best Man pulled on the groom.
  3. Video helps you to remember the scene. What did the church look like? Was that the sound of your niece giggling? You invest a lot in the wedding, so why not capture that forever?
  4. Videographers can also live stream the ceremony to loved ones who can’t travel. Perhaps they’re serving overseas or just can’t make the journey. With a live video feed, they can see it live and in real time!
  5. It’s tragic but true: loved ones do pass away. A wedding video is an opportunity to have your grandmother’s laughter and the proud smile on her face with you forever.

I’m obsessed with our video. It was simple and not over produced, which helps me to remember all those fun moments of the day that went by so quickly on the day of. We’re so glad to have video of the speeches and reception memories of loved ones who traveled very far and some of whom are no longer with us. Best decision ever!” –Amanda, Lou Stevens Glam Squad

Remember, it is so important to capture your wedding day in photos and on film! After you and guests head home, photos and video will be your only tangible ways to relive your wedding day!

Anne McKenzie & her husband, Ricky, are the owners of Memories Videography, a wedding videography company based in Richmond, VA. To learn more about how they can preserve your memories, please visit