By Sarah Mitchell with Sarah and Dave Photography

Photographers know more than anyone else how busy wedding days can get. While every couple tries not to forget anything on their day, there are always hundreds of little things to think about. Here’s a list of the easiest things to forget on your wedding day, and some tips to help you remember them.

1. A nice hanger for your dress.
Whether you order a custom hanger or find a nice wooden or vintage one in your closet, switch out the drab plastic hanger for a pretty one when you pick up your dress at your last fitting.

2. To have your flowers delivered to your getting ready location.
Many times, bouquets get delivered to the ceremony location by default. But don’t forget that your photographer will need your bouquet to include in detail photographs to really tie everything together.

3. To keep all three rings together at your getting ready location.
This goes along the same lines as your bridal bouquets. Traditionally, the best man is responsible for the rings on a wedding day. But keep all three rings (the two wedding bands and engagement ring) with you at your getting ready location so your photographer can get those beautiful wedding ring shots. Then slip the wedding rings to the best man once you arrive at the ceremony location.

4. Tips for your vendors.
If you plan on giving your vendors tips to show your appreciation for them going above and beyond to make your wedding day perfect, put them in labeled sealed envelopes ahead of time and ask your coordinator or maid of honor to be in charge of them. Ask to disperse them during a slower time during your wedding day (while getting ready or during dinner are two great options). You don’t want to have to scramble during your reception or at the end.

5. Keeping your family members in the know.
Send an email the week of your wedding to any family members you want to be present for family portraits, or remember to let them know at your rehearsal the day before. Be sure to tell the guests who need to stick around for the photos exactly when and where they need to be.

6. That pictures are being taken during your ceremony.
Obviously, your ceremony is about you and is the most deeply personal part of your wedding day. The ceremony is usually where all the nerves suddenly show up, but if you can remember, try and make sure you’re holding hands during the ceremony and that you’re centered on the aisle/altar/whatever ceremony backdrop you’re using. And when you walk back up the aisle with your spouse at the end, stop for a kiss! (The best way to bank on remembering all of this during your actual ceremony is to practice it during your rehearsal).

7. To take five minutes at some point on your wedding day with and without your spouse to just pause and take everything in.
Your wedding pictures are one of the few things you’ll walk away with after your wedding day, but there’s truly nothing like taking a mental picture to remember all of the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of the day.

8. Your invitation suite.
Many invitation designers already do this without asking, but if yours doesn’t, ask your invitation designer to include an extra copy of each piece of your invitation suite for your photographer to photograph. Then put it in a bag with all of your other wedding details (jewelry, rings, hair piece, shoes, perfume) so you won’t forget to bring it with you to your getting ready location.

Photos by Sarah and Dave Photography. Sarah & Dave are a husband and wife wedding photography team capturing love stories through bright, joy-filled, authentic images. While their photography takes them all over the east coast, they’re based right in the heart of the city they adore- in Richmond, Virginia. Learn more about them on their website