By Angela Simpson

When you tell your coordinator you want sparklers for your exit (because, let’s face it – everyone wants sparklers!), don’t be surprised if they cringe a little. Yes, sparklers make beautiful pictures; however, an open bar plus plus handheld fire equals danger.

If a sparkler exit is one you’ve always dreamed of, there are some very serious things to think about.

Sparklers can be dangerous for everyone involved. It is likely that you have a LOT of hairspray in your hair, which is inherently flammable. Wedding gowns are also quite flammable because of the fabric. If you give guests who may have been a bit over-served at the open bar a stick of fire, things can go very badly very quickly. When you add a photographer who has to walk backwards through the handheld flames to get the shot and a planner who has to organize everyone, it’s often more dangerous than fun.

In my fourteen years of weddings, I’ve seen many things including a bridesmaid’s dress catching fire and the fire department being called. I’ve nearly had my eye poked out by a burning sparkler twice. My foot has been burned twice, once from stepping on a hot sparkler and once from a guest dropping a lit sparkler on the top of my foot. Lastly, I had several guests place their still lit sparklers into the bucket causing a huge blaze before fizzling out. This, my friends, is why your planner may have that slight cringe hearing the words “sparkler exit!”

There are many other creative ways to make your exit grand and just as beautiful! Here are a few safe and beautiful suggestions:

Eco-friendly confetti

Rose Petals (a mix of white, soft pink and hot pink is stunning!)


White LED balloons


Ribbon Wands

Streamer Poppers

We all want your exit to be grand and fabulous, but in keeping safety as our top priority, we can still offer you an unforgettable exit and still get your WOW photos before hopping in the car!

Angela Simpson is the owner and lead wedding coordinator of XOXO Weddings and Events LLC, a day-of coordination firm serving all of Virginia. To learn more, please visit