Exit Stage Left | Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Grand Exit!

By Tommy Waters with The Renaissance

Once the “I Do’s” are said and the cake has been cut, your night doesn’t have to end! If you want to have one of those hugely popular exit pictures (that you know you drool over), you can easily make that happen. So, what are some popular ways to do a grand exit?

     RW TIP: Always check with your venue to see if they have specific rules/restrictions

Nicole Vance Photography

1. Bubbles! You can’t go wrong with bubbles. They reflect light beautifully and if everyone blows them at the right time, they create a magical picture that will give you the warm and fuzzies every time you look at it! Also, they are super easy to transport and last a very long time. Not only can you order them early, but you can have a bunch since they are usually in very small containers. It’s a win-win!

Sean DeWitt Photography

2. Sparklers! Sparklers are an amazing way to get that one-of-a-kind picture that will be amazing to look at forever. You can easily order these online, and it can be done early so you don’t need to stress. (Pro Tip: Sparklers are not allowed either by facility policy or by the law in some towns, counties, and cities. Make sure to confirm with your venue that they are allowed before ordering them.)

Hayes & Fisk Photography

3. Glow Sticks! These are VERY popular and are growing more and more by the day. They are not wet like bubbles or hot like sparklers, but they show up great in pictures. You can get unique and fun shapes, too.

4. Confetti! Did you know that you can get biodegradable confetti that is safe for outdoors and won’t hurt the environment? It’s TRUE! Confetti is amazing in any exit pictures, and it really makes a statement. Plus it floats, which eliminates the need to throw it at the same time like bird seeds.

So skip the boring exit! You can have a truly memorable moment for just a few dollars delivered right to your door. Once you choose the perfect exit just coordinate it with your planner and/or venue, and you will be set to make yours amazing!

Tommy Waters is a wedding planner, event coordinator, published writer, national public speaker (and skilled bartender) with The Renaissance, an all-inclusive wedding ceremony and reception venue based in downtown Richmond’s exciting Arts District. To learn more about The Renaissance, please visit www.renaissanceva.com. Feature Photo: Paige Stevens Photography.