By Heather Higgins

When you think about designing a home, you have three main thoughts: colors, furniture and accessories.   Those three thoughts can also be related in wedding design, but do brides often think of designing a home when they are designing their wedding?   They probably never related the two . . . until now!

When planning a wedding, think about the old saying: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.   You can purchase accessories and decor for your dream wedding day that can later come home with you to make a statement that will forever remind you of the best day of your lives.

Creating unique settings and adding vintage accents not only give you and your guests that special something to enjoy on the actual wedding day, but it also allows you to bring those beautiful moments and memories home to complement your personal decor and create conversation pieces for years to come.

Consider staging a dessert or cake table with an antique vanity or side table while adding a few vintage pieces within the delicious treats.   When you purchase those items, they become your long-lasting memories of that uniquely designed space in your wedding.

What about using a vintage inspired journal for your guest book?   After the wedding, it becomes a coffee table book for you to thumb through every now and then to remind you of all the wonderful friends and family members who came to share that special day with you.

Think about creating a unique tablescape for the bridal table by adding classic vases or silver teapots with fresh flowers that give you an elegant table setting for your wedding day as well as beautiful pieces to bring home!

Vintage luggage is a great way to display pictures of the bride and groom as well as the guest favors and gifts!   Mantels offer an outdoor architectural accent with rustic romance that can later be brought into the master bedroom of your home to create a romantic retreat!   Old-fashioned corbels and shutters also offer a romantically rustic architectural accent that is very popular to use later as home decor.

Other accessories such as antique jewelry, accent pieces and even the brooch bouquets have become quite popular. When you have a custom brooch bouquet made for your magical day, that accessory can be displayed in any room of your home to give it glamour and sparkle!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your wedding and your home.   Whether you have a few pieces or just a single unique one, the memory of your special day can last a lifetime when you purchase vintage treasures for your wedding and then bring them home where you will live happily ever after!

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