By Debbie Miller

Almost everyone has a friend or family member that is organized and offers to direct the caterer or florist as to where to put things. The day of your wedding, however, is about much more than putting your gifts in the car and telling vendors where to go! Your family and friends deserve to relax and celebrate with you while an experienced professional provides all the added assurance to make your day run smoothly. A “Day of Coordinator” actually starts planning for your big day four to six weeks prior. Here are some things an experienced day of coordinator will help with:

  • One of the most importance pieces of your wedding is a timeline. A professional timeline creates an event that is flawless and flows well so you and your guests have a great experience. Nothing slips through the cracks, and all of your vendors and VIPs stay on the same page.
  • Most vendors LOVE having a coordinator on board. It gives them the assurance that a professional is in charge and ensures that the day runs smoothly. It also helps to keep them from showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Vendors can book multiple events within the same day, and your coordinator will keep them on track to avoid any confusion.
  • No matter how well you planned or how organized you are, THINGS HAPPEN! An experienced coordinator can handle those unexpected mishaps so that you and your guests will never know anything was amiss!
  • Professional wedding planners think of the small things that brides usually overlook during the planning process. It’s hard to think of everything, so let someone with experience help you!
  • Planners are familiar with many venues and have experience in what works best at those venues. It’s so beneficial to have someone with a logistical mindset ensure that your wedding day flows seamlessly!

Don’t leave the most important day of your life to chance – hire a coordinator to be on your side!

Debbie Miller is the owner of Sunshine Events by Debbie, a full-service event planning company. To learn more, please visit