By Amanda Long with Southern Charm Events and Planning

PICTURE THIS: You’ve finally made it to your wedding day, the day that you have dreamed about and planned since you were little. You, your mom, and your maid of honor have spent the past week finishing up all of your DIY projects. You’ve picked up your flowers for your centerpieces and bouquets yesterday, and they’re now ready to be put together. Your beautiful bridesmaids have arrived, coffee in hand, ready to be primped for your big moment walking down the aisle.

But someone has to set up the reception venue and put together all of these DIY projects. Your mom and aunt rush to the venue to try and get everything set up, but they encounter a few setbacks, running back and forth to the store all morning. While your bridesmaids are getting ready, you attempt to create these bouquets and realize that you are in over your head; it’s not as easy as it looks! A bridesmaid calls her mom for emergency help and she quickly comes to save the day. As centerpiece flowers get taken to the venue, you finally get to see your mom. It’s less than three hours until the ceremony and she has not had a chance to shower or get ready because she’s been busy setting everything up and working with vendors to make sure all your details are perfect.

You get to the church with your girls, everyone gets dressed and finally, 20 minutes before you walk down the aisle, your mom comes in the room. You have spent all of five seconds with your family because they had to get everything done for the reception. When you get to the reception, all of the flowers have wilted because, in the rush, no one remembered to put water in the jars. You keep tabs on the time to alert the band when different events are happening. You are the bride and you are running the schedule. At the end of the night, you get whisked off to the hotel for a night of relaxation and luxury while your family stays behind to clean up everything.


Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Your beautifully, Pinterest-perfect planned day was spent without the ones most important to you. They worked behind the scenes and did the best they could with the resources they had. Things were overlooked but guests never knew because your family did everything with an exhausted smile on their face.

You can avoid this scenario and spend the day with the ones you love by hiring a coordinator for your wedding. Whether it’s a full-coordinator or a day-of coordinator, the little things, like remembering to put water in your vases, will be the last thing on your mind. Your wedding day should be about you and your family celebrating love. Let a coordinator worry about the little logistics. With their expertise, the puzzle pieces will be put together to create everything you have envisioned.

With a coordinator, the day that your parents and family have dreamt for you will take place without them having to lift a finger. Instead of decorating tables, they could be sipping mimosas and telling your bridesmaid’s embarrassing stories about you when you were growing up. And instead of worrying about cleaning up, your parents could be dancing the night away, reminiscing about when you were their little girl.

Hiring a coordinator will give you time with your family on your big day. Take some of the stress away and let a professional worry about the small things. When the lights turn on at the end of your fairytale night, all you should remember is how happy your guests look, and how the day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Amanda Long is the Owner and heart behind Southern Charm Events & Planning, a full-service wedding planning, and coordination company. Her motto is “Every bride deserves to feel like a Southern Belle, full of grace and charm.” To begin your charming story visit,