By Amanda Roberts with The Vacation Chic

For most weddings, it is customary for the maid of honor and best man to plan the getaway before the big day – the weekend where you and your closest friends will celebrate the end of your single life as you get ready to say, “I do!” But, as destination weekends are becoming more and more popular, your best mate needs all the help they can get! With the help of a professional travel agent, your bachelorette/bachelor party weekend will go off without a hitch. Grab your wedding party and read this article together so all you’ll have to worry about is ordering that next drink from the tiki bar!

Vacation Chic Richmond Wedding Getaway Dreams Amanda Roberts Planning Advice
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Did you know that in most cases a travel agent’s service will come at no additional cost? He or she can help you find the perfect location with expert’s and insider’s advice.

Speaking of money, no one wants to be responsible for the entire bill or bug guests to remember to pay your maid of honor or best man back. Hiring a professional to care for the planning and the financial details will relieve some of that stress. Plus, periodic payments can be made so that you and your party don’t have to bear the burden of the entire cost at one time.

A travel agent will also be responsible for giving guests information regarding the destination, hotel, travel arrangements, passport requirements, and other details like currency regulations.

Maybe consider having the bachelorette or bachelor party at an all-inclusive resort. These gorgeous and diverse resorts have built-in entertainment, activities, and alcohol can even be included in the package! Your bride tribe can hit a nightclub, pub, casino, and a show… without even leaving the resort.

Vacation Chic Richmond Wedding Getaway Dreams Amanda Roberts Planning Advice

Remember to plan early! It is a common misconception that booking last minute will give you the best deals. In fact, the best time to plan is six to nine months prior to travel. Last minute bookings will leave you with higher airfare and higher room fares…not to mention the stress of rushing to get everything together!

With the help of a travel agent, your maid of honor or best man will plan a weekend you will never forget! Happy planning!

Amanda Roberts, Owner of The Vacation Chic, is a certified Romance specialist, as well as Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice recipient and Richmond A-List for 2018. To learn more about how she can help plan a trip of a lifetime for you, please visit