By Liz Magill with J. Hilburn Custom Menswear

When considering wedding day attire, many grooms have the “rent or buy” debate. With so many different options for grooms trending these days, it can certainly become a weighty decision!

One thing is for sure: today’s grooms want to look their very best on their special day. In the world of men’s clothing, there are options popping up everywhere in every platform. Therefore, grooms should carefully consider the following:

  • Budget: It may seem to make sense to rent a tuxedo or suit to save money, but you should think of a suit as an investment. A custom suit that fits well can be used for future events, job interviews, or other upcoming weddings you’ll be attending.
  • Schedule: Couples who are “shopping” options should keep in mind the turnaround time of suits and shirts. A detail that couples tend to forget is allowing time for fittings and alterations. When purchasing, allow at least twelve weeks from the time of purchase until the wedding to be sure the suit and shirt are a fantastic fit. Brides allow at least that much time for wedding dress fittings!
  • Vendor: Be sure to ask lots of questions. What if the suit doesn’t fit? Are alterations covered by the vendor or the couple? The stress level of this aspect of planning can be greatly reduced by working with a consultant who has experience in this area.
  • Wedding Party: What about groomsmen? These days, it is perfectly acceptable for your attendants to NOT match, or many grooms are instructing their groomsmen to wear a suit of their own in blue or gray to match only the color of his own suit. The look can be pulled together with matching shirts, ties, and pocket squares. Plus, with destination weddings and less traditional events, the men in the wedding party may opt for a more casual look. Regardless of the look, make sure that the garments fit well and are of high quality.
  • Photography and Videography: The images of your special day are a lasting reminder of your union. With the popularity of social media, couples place high priority on the photography and videography vendors they choose to have the most beautiful images possible to post, pin, and tweet. Again, it’s all about fit, quality, and personal style for you to look your best.
  • Overall Experience: We live in a time where consumers are paying more for “luxury experiences” and less on “luxury products.” Think about the unique experience you want to create for your wedding day and consider how your attire can best reflect that experience, as well as your personal style. Working with a stylist/consultant can help to provide that above-and-beyond experience.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You have many options, and getting a great-fitting outfit will help you feel and look your very best!

Liz Magill is a men’s custom stylist with J.Hilburn Custom Menswear. She offers men a better option for how they buy clothing and brings them luxury service minus the luxury price tag in custom shirting, suiting. Interested in setting up an appointment with Liz or want to learn more about becoming a consultant with J.Hilburn? Email or visit .