Introducing the Richmond Weddings Team – Marissa McCormick

Hi there! I’m Marissa McCormick, the Associate Editor/Account Representative here at Richmond Weddings. I’m the person behind the posts that you guys usually read, so here’s a little bit about me!

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a recent transplant to Richmond, but a Virginia native (I’m originally from Stafford). I graduated from the wonderful school of JMU with a degree in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism, talk about a mouthful. Upon graduation, my best friend, who’s from Cape Cod, MA, suggested we move to Boston, and I thought, “sure, why not?” I spent an incredible year in Boston. I learned that people are not exaggerating about New England winters, that one should never doubt Tom Brady, and that there’s nothing a cup of clam chowder can’t fix. But, my heart was calling me back to Virginia. I missed the pimento cheese sandwiches and the southern drawls that felt oh-so-much like home. So I packed up and found myself in my favorite city in the world, Richmond.

How did you get started?
I have always dreamed of working in a magazine. I even made a magazine when I was eight called “The McCormick Times.” It had a limited distribution (just my mom and dad) but it was my entrance into the wide world of publishing. I went on to work for various publications including a magazine I completely designed in college. I saw first hand that working in a magazine required work! And I loved it.

As for the wedding business, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to land. I still can’t believe it when I tell people what I do. “Yes, I get to write and talk about people’s happiest day of their life every single day, would you mind pinching me?” Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a HUGE sap. Like cry at commercials sap. I like to use the term “water balloon full of tears.” Every wedding I’ve ever seen, even on TV, has caused me to cry. So just know every future story you read on Richmond Weddings, there’s me crying behind it. Happy tears!

Why do you like working in weddings?
As stated above, I’m an emotional person, and weddings is an emotional business, so I feel I fit right in. I love that people in this business wear their heart on their sleeve, because at the end of the day everything we do is based on love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I was the 11 year-old watching Pride and Prejudice doodling about Mr. Darcy in my middle school agenda. I feel right at home.

Throughout my career, I’ve always been the best at writing features, or a personalized article about one individual person or group. I love sitting down with someone and letting them tell me their life story. People always say they hate talking about themselves (myself included) but I find that the more excited someone is about something, the better the feature turns out. And have you ever talked to a pair newlyweds about their wedding? The article basically writes itself, and all I have to do is sit there and soak it all in!

What inspires you?
I love reading autobiographies by writers that are far more talented that little ol’ me. I truly believe that reading makes you a better writer and I can only hope to get there one day. You can find me at Belmont Library, squinting in the nonfiction section, looking for something I haven’t read yet.

Guilty as charged, I also get inspiration from social media. Hey, I’m a millennial after all. I confess, that long long before I got my position at Richmond Weddings I had a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest. What girl doesn’t?

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I handwrite everything. Yes, I answered these interview questions on a piece of paper before typing it. I find it easier to think with a pen and paper, rather than a keyboard, it feels more natural. It also helps me edit by doing it twice. It’s usually not a problem, but in college when writing my 10 page research papers, it was a different story. I sat in the library massaging my cramped hand cursing my need for pen and paper.

What do you like to do when you’re away from work?
I love to get out in nature. The Blue Ridge Mountains (especially Harrisonburg and Broadway) have a special place in my heart. I can’t think of a place I’m happier than in the mountains during the fall. The vibrant fall colors, mixed with that distinct smell of fresh air and burning leaves feels like home.

I also love music. I was raised on 80’s dance music and Bruce Springsteen, and have an affinity to alternative tunes. I also love local live music like my brother’s band based in RVA, The Wimps (check them out!) I also LOVE to travel, I’ve been to quite a few countries, but I can’t say which one is my favorite! Next up on my list is Patagonia.

Finally, and my friends and family are going to make fun of me that I’m including this, I love watching the Food Network. I know that might sound miserably dull, but Food Network is my way to relax, I mean it’s a whole channel about FOOD! But after my endless amounts of hours watched, I am a no better cook from it. I can, however, tell you the names of the original Iron Chefs and all of the judges on Chopped.


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    Welcome Marissa! Loved learning about you, and am so looking forward to meeting you and continuing to getting to know you better!

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