By Holly Peters with Papeterie Fine Stationery and Gifts

You’ve chosen your dress, booked your venue, and finalized just about all the other major wedding planning decisions. Now is the time to give your guests their first impression of the event you have worked so hard to plan. It’s time to find your perfectly printed invitations.

When picking your invitations, it’s important that they reflect the look and feel of your wedding. Are you going for soft and romantic or maybe minimalistic and modern? Is it outside and rustic or formal and traditional? Having one cohesive look throughout the wedding will give your guests an experience, starting with the arrival of your invitation. There are many printing processes that can help you convey the feeling of your special day; here are a few tips!

Papeterie Fine stationary gifts printing styles perfect invitation richmond wedding
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If you’re looking for a more formal feel, engraving is the most traditional of printing methods and probably what your mother and grandmother had for their invitations. Engraving offers a rich look with raised type and often on a neutral colored stock.


You can also achieve a classic look at a lower cost with thermography. Through a heat and resin process, your invitations will maintain their formal feel at about a third of the cost of engraving.

Papeterie Fine stationary gifts printing styles perfect invitation richmond wedding
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Letter Pressing

Maybe you want a soft and romantic feel. If so, letter pressing your invitations will do nicely with this look. Letterpress is a printing process where the type is directly pressed into the paper. The texture of the paper is lush, thick, and gives a soft, ethereal look.

Digital Printing

If casual and informal are your goals for your big day, a fun and colorful invitation may be the way to go. Digital printing is great for this as you are unlimited in colors for your invitation design.

Papeterie Fine stationary gifts printing styles perfect invitation richmond wedding
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Want to add a little flash? Try adding the trendy foil to your invitation designs. Foil can be added to any of the previous printing techniques and gives an invitation that final touch. Gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum are great choices to highlight your invitation and kick up the pizazz.

Use your invitations as a gateway impression to your big day. Along with conveying the pertinent information for your wedding, your invitations will get your guests excited to watch you marry the love of your life!

Holly Peters is the Owner and Lead Designer of Papeterie Fine Stationery and Gifts in Bon Air.
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