By Debbie Miller with Sunshine Events by Debbie

After the last guest has left the reception, there is still plenty to be done! Having a wedding planner to assist with your final tasks is very helpful.

The post wedding to-do list includes ensuring gifts, personal items, and rentals are managed, returning the venue to its pre-wedding condition, sending thank you notes to your guests and your vendors, and successfully changing your name.

Your planner can help ensure your gifts and personal items are packed up and leave the reception venue in the right hands. Rentals should also be returned promptly to avoid additional fees. It is important to note ahead of time those responsible for each of these tasks. Your wedding planner is not only there for you, but for your other vendors as well.  Being the first one to arrive on your big day and the last one to leave, your planner ensures all the vendors come and go on time without any hiccups.

Sending out thank you notes to your guests and vendors is another very important post-wedding task. Your guests should receive a thank you note within three months for gifts received at the wedding and within two weeks for gifts prior to the wedding. These notes should be handwritten and personalized.  Also, vendors love getting the recognition of a thank you note! You can also send your vendors pictures from the wedding that can be used in the their portfolio.  They love showing off your big day!

The final post wedding to-do is changing your name. This can be time consuming, but when tackled correctly, it can be a very smooth process. Nothing can be done until you receive your “certified” marriage license, which will be mailed to you by the clerk of your local court.  Once received, you will need to contact your Social Security Administration to get a new Social Security card, then you can visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles with the certified marriage license, your new Social Security card, and your old license to get a new driver’s license in your new name.  After that, you can change your name with the following:

After all the planning for your big day, it can be overwhelming to think there is still work to be done. A professional planner can ease your load and help you with all of your post wedding to dos!

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