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Alice and Carlton
July 15, 2017

How They Met
Alice and Carlton met in high school, and although they were in the same circle of friends, they didn’t get to know each other until their Junior year.  According to Carlton, one day at lunch Alice asked Carlton to prom “as a joke.” Carlton explains, “Apparently I walked in during the middle of this joke and accepted immediately.”

Alice describes, “He responded so earnestly, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a joke. I needed a date to the prom, so it was a win-win!” Carlton was one of the class presidents that year, so most of his time leading up to prom was spent gathering decorations and doing various errands. Alice agreed to tag along. The two instantly clicked. Carlton says, “Spending time with her felt so easy and magical…We have a similar sense of humor, so I felt like I could just be myself.” But Alice had a boyfriend at the time, and by the time prom rolled around, Carlton was crazy about her. “I remember dropping her off after prom and she kissed me on the cheek…it was the best kiss of my life, until my wedding that is!”

Alice explains, “We just had the best time together…I knew everyone loved him and he was one of the smartest people in school, but I was surprised how well we got along.” A week after prom Alice broke up with her boyfriend and has been with Carlton ever since.

The Proposal
Up until their proposal, the two had done everything in life together. From studying abroad in China together to adopting two dogs, to them marriage was more of a partnership, and they wanted their engagement to reflect that. So, the two picked out their rings together and planned an amazing trip to Asia, cashing in on their frequent flyer miles and hotel points. Carlton says, “We planned to get engaged at the top of Elephant Mountain just outside of Taipei, but shortly after we arrived, a typhoon hit the island.” The two scrambled to a nearby market, grabbed some street food, and officially exchanged rings back at the hotel. Alice explains, “My family is from Taiwan and Taiwan has the best food in the world, so it felt like a good place to get engaged.”

The Details
The two wanted a space that they could make their own, and the Hofheimer Building had that perfect mix of industrial vibes, but also welcoming warmth. They fell in love in Richmond, so it felt fitting that they would get married down the street from their high school. They didn’t have a theme but rather wanted to keep everything airy and open. Alice and Carlton used their florals to add touches of greenery throughout, keeping the space warm and inviting. Alice says, “We didn’t really spend too much time on the decor since our venue was already gorgeous!” Since they were married in the middle of July, they wanted to keep their wedding party in light colors that wouldn’t retain too much heat. The bridesmaids went with various shades of blush, and the groomsmen in a light gray.

For an extra WOW-factor to their wedding, they incorporated La Hora Loca, a tradition in certain Central and South American countries. They hired a group of dancers, including a stilt walker and an LED hula-hooper to join the party. Alice explains, “Carlton’s mom was born in Panama, so it felt like a fun addition to the wedding.”

Alice and Carlton, with their guests, turned the night into a summer rooftop party, complete with glow sticks and dance circles, the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Favorite Part of the Day
Carlton says, “Seeing Alice walk down the aisle. To be honest, I was way more into wedding planning than Alice was…and in the days leading up to the wedding, I was stressed out of my mind. It was only when I got to the front and stood there with the music that it dawned on me that I was getting married surrounded by all my favorite people.”

Alice says, “I loved the ceremony the most, but for different reasons. We had my little sister, Carlton’s brother, and a very good mutual friend give speeches instead of readings or self-written vows. They were funny, tender, and just perfect!”

Biggest Challenge
For Carlton, it was, “The logistical challenges involved in planning a wedding in a different city when we both had busy jobs.”

For Alice, it was, “The dress. It’s hard to stick to a budget because basically, every dress is beautiful!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Don’t incorporate anything into your wedding that you don’t think is fun or doesn’t fit your style. No one will care if you skip the bouquet toss.”