Ashli and Jonathan
May 26, 2018

How They Met
Ashli and Jonathan (or Johnny) first met in 2012 while they both were working at Vineyard Vines for the summer. The two quickly became friends, even though Ashli was assigned to train Johnny! They hung out for the rest of the summer, having their first date in Rockett’s Landing.

The Proposal
Ashli explains, “Every month on the sixth, we try to do something fun or significant, as that’s the day we started dating!” It was August 6, 2016, and the two had plans to spend the day shopping then head to lunch. Johnny’s brother was hosting a housewarming party that night, so their entire family was in town.

After shopping and lunch, they headed to Libby Hill Park, which happens to be Ashli’s favorite spot in the city. “We went and sat on a bench overlooking the city.” The two eventually headed to the overlook, where Johnny pretended to tie his shoe (even though his shoes didn’t have laces!). While tying his fictional shoelace, Johnny stayed on one knee and proposed. “Johnny surprised me with my dream diamond ring, and I quoted Parks and Rec while saying yes four times because Johnny didn’t hear me the first time. It was perfectly us.”

The Details
“Our ceremony was a Catholic one but slightly less traditional as we weren’t married in a church the day of (though we legally were the day before).” Their parents lit a candle before we came down the aisle and Johnny and Ashli lit another symbolic candle from that one. They wrote their own vows, which is one of Ashli’s favorite memories from their wedding weekend.

While their May wedding didn’t have a specific theme, they wanted it to be airy and elegant since it was on the water. They used white, gold, and shades of lavender throughout their day. “Purple has always been my favorite color, so it was a pretty easy decision once Johnny agreed.” The colors offset all the green at the venue, giving a fresh and bright look.

“The garden on the property inspired all fo the flowers, and we had the tent open on three of the four sides to let the river’s breeze through.” Perfectly simple for their Garden Party inspired wedding.

They served classic Southern favorites including brisket, bourbon chicken, and amazing mac and cheese. “We shared a bottle of buried bourbon with our bridal party and parents after the ceremony as well!” Their late spring wedding ended with a party on the dance floor as they swayed to the band.

Favorite Part of the Day
Ashli says, “My favorite moment was seeing Johnny at the end of the aisle for the first time. We didn’t do a first look, so I felt like I really got that ah-ha moment that I’d been waiting for.”

Johnny’s favorite part was the same. Seeing his beautiful bride walk down the aisle towards him.

Biggest Challenge
“I wanted to stay within a very specific budget, as I tend to be very practical and you don’t truly know the cost of things until you get into planning mode.”

Best Piece of Advice
Ashli says, “Have a good time with it all! You really can’t sweat the small stuff because the day turns out just like it should. As much as I delved into the details, it wasn’t about those things! You, your spouse, and the wedding party are going to have a wonderful time regardless.”

Johnny says, “It will get stressful the closer you get to the big day, trying to make sure everything is squared away, but make sure you’re remembering that you’re marrying your best friend. It’s all going to be worth it!”

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