Brandi and Arthur
September 9, 2017

How They Met
Brandi and Arthur first met in high school. The two dated on and off in college, and shortly after college before splitting ways. 10 years went by, and the two high school sweethearts reconnected via Facebook. But, at the time, Art (or Arthur) was living in DC while Brandi was in Richmond. Brandi says, “After lengthy phone conversations, we met at a halfway point and had our first date.” The flame was rekindled and the two hit it off immediately.

The Proposal
Art asked Brandi to spend the rest of her life with him in Maryland at his apartment. The two had just gotten back from a birthday celebration dinner, and Brandi said, “yes!”

The Details
“We picked The Westin Richmond because we thought the hotel was nice and could accommodate a small wedding party.”

The two wanted an elegant wedding party theme, celebrating with 40 of their closest friends and family. The inspiration for their theme was Brandi’s dining room which has a matte black wallpaper with a large glossy black damask motif, black chandelier, and red dining room chairs. “Not for the fainthearted, but it looks like a jewelry box, I swear!”

Playing off their theme, their colors were red, black, and silver. Brandi says, “Everyone who knows me knows that red is my FAVORITE color!”

Their ceremony was intimate and the perfect reflection of Brandi and Arthur. They used soft white linen, crisscrossed, with soft uplighting to create an ethereal, elegant look. Their aisle runner was white with a black chandelier pattern, keeping in theme, of course.

They kept their flowers simple with classic red roses. Their linens stayed in theme with matte black linen with a satin black overlay. Their centerpieces were fabulous, sitting on a small pedestal of roses. Each guest was given a small box of chocolates, with a textured damask pattern and tied with that signature red bow.

With their family and friends, these two came together as one and danced the night away. “We wanted the decor and the band to wow our guests!” And from the looks of their gorgeous pictures, they definitely did.

Favorite Part of the Day
Their favorite part of the was truly unexpected. “At the end of the night, as we were saying our goodbyes, there was an interruption toward the front of the room near the band. To our surprise, celebrity pop singer CeCe Peniston, who just happened to be staying at The Westin, very kindly asked us if we would mind if she crashed our wedding and performed her hit song.” Brandi and Arthur, of course, said yes. “CeCe was the highlight of our wedding for the both of us!”

Biggest Challenge
“Getting my husband to complete his to-do list timely, which consisted of six items!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Create a vision and stick to it. Establish a realistic budget, based on your vision, and stick to it.”

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