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Erin and George
October 6, 2018

How They Met
Erin and George met in July of 2016. Erin explains, “Prior to that we were both, ‘happily single’ and very busy with our own lives.” Since they both enjoyed working on their respective family farms, going out in the city, and adventuring elsewhere, neither of them were positive there was someone out there that shared the same lifestyle. “We feel extremely lucky to have found each other, and now, we can’t imagine life without the other because everything is so much more fun together.”

The Proposal
Thanksgiving weekend, Erin and George would always travel to Blackstone to have a bonfire at George’s family farm. During the bonfire, George asked Erin to go with him to take their dog on a walk through the field. Erin thought otherwise, and it took three asks before she finally agreed to go for a walk because it was such a clear night in the country. They walked out into the hay field and sat to look at the stars. He pulled out a note, reading how much Erin meant to him and how much he loved her. At the end of the note, there was a little miscommunication. Erin thought George said “would you marry me” and she said, “Of course I’d marry you, I love you with all my heart.” But then, “He got out the ring and I said, ‘oh right now! You’re asking me RIGHT NOW!” George opened the box and gave Erin a ring fit for a princess. “I was shocked and elated!”

The Details
The two got married on their family property where Erin grew up. “I had dreamed of marrying my prince there since I was a little girl.” For their ceremony location, they chose a field shaded by a huge walnut tree. “Our ceremony was so important to us…Also our family is very important to us and we wanted them to feel that.” Riding her horse into the ceremony, Erin elegantly dismounted her horse into her father’s arms and they walked down the aisle together. Erin’s uncle, who is a judge in Virginia, officiated the ceremony, incorporating their family even more. After their personalized vows, they paused to reflect as Erin’s cousin sang a beautiful love song. “At the end of the aisle, we were whisked away by a horse-drawn carriage driven by my younger brother. We took a romantic ride through the property before meeting our family under the big pecan tree in the front yard.”

For their decor, the wanted simple elegance with a natural feel. Since they live and got married at their Carriage House, the ambiance was perfect. While they didn’t have specific colors, they centered their colors around black, white, silver, and pops of colors and greenery through their flowers. Their flowers which were beautiful were put together by the entire family, a true family effort. “We made wonderful memories of working together on projects for our wedding.”

At their reception they had three signature drinks, “The George-Bourbon and Ginger, The Erin-Vodka (Strawberry seltzer with a splash of OJ), and The Stella Rum and Coke (named after our dog)” On each table they had different pictures of themselves, giving their guests the opportunity to travel through every step of their relationship.

“We wanted our guests to celebrate with us and truly enjoy themselves at our home.” Their October night ended under the clear stars of the country, the perfect ending to their fairytale wedding.

Favorite Part of the Day
“The most meaningful part of the day was sharing our personal vows with each other at the ceremony. That was a very real, deep moment for the two of us.” These two lovebirds also enjoyed dancing with each other and their closest family and friends.

Biggest Challenge
“In the beginning stages, I was too worried about making everyone else happy…Looking back, a lot of the things we over-analyzed ended up being insignificant.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Do YOU! Your wedding is about you promising yourself to your partner for the rest of your life. Your guests are there to celebrate YOUR major life decision with you…As George and I planned, we would pause at times and ask, is this really important to us? If so, we’d do it. If not, then we’d cross it off of our list.”

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