Erin and Philip
June 1, 2019

How They Met
Erin and Philip met on eHarmony in November 2017. They spent some time messaging back and forth before meeting up for lunch and planning their “real” first date. Erin says, “I call it our Marathon Date. It started with a trolley tour of Richmond…[then] Philip cooked me dinner and we went to a comedy show.” By the end of the date, it was clear they had found something special. 

The Proposal
When talking about their proposal, Erin didn’t want anything too extravagant. A couple of weeks after their oneyear anniversary, she was coming back from a trip and Philip wanted to show her something he’d been working on. Erin had no idea what was going on as he hooked up his laptop to the TV and started a slideshow. Erin says, “It was full of pictures we had taken together, including our family and the people who mean the most to us, and then he asked me!” An intimate moment between two soulmates. 

The Details
Celebrations at the Reservoir was the first venue Erin and Philip looked at, and they immediately knew it was perfect. “The venue included so much…the food and drink, a wedding coordinator, linens, suites for us to get ready, etc. that it helped me start the process and felt like so much had been taken off my plate already.” Their ceremony was simple and organic with a few sweet gestures true to them.  

Erin Philip Richmond Weddings Justin Hankins Photography00

The reception was dreamy and romantic with soft muted colors and twinkly lights to set the mood. Vogue Flowers completed their vision with fabulous arrangements lush with greenery and in-season florals. 

Their summer celebration ended with a sparkler exit for the newlyweds. The perfect ending to the perfect night. 

Erin Philip Richmond Weddings Justin Hankins Photography


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