Hope and Scott
September 9, 2018

How They Met
Hope and Scott met in September 2016 at a NASCAR tailgate. While they didn’t hit it off initially, one thing they had in common was their little interest in the race and a lot of interest in the drinks and fun! With some encouragement from her roommate, Hope decided to give Scott a second chance and go on date with him to a local Mexican restaurant. Their connection blossomed over chips, queso, and some tasty margaritas! Hope describes, “Whether it be the strong margaritas that did the trick or not, I agreed to go on another date with him the following Friday…” From that date on, they never spent a day apart!

The Proposal
Scott proposed at a holiday gift exchange with his family. Everything was normal except that Scott requested Hope didn’t wear her normal gift exchange outfit, an elf costume. She just assumed it was because he was tired of hearing the bells on her shoes jingle! Things started to get interesting when Hope opened a gift addressed to her anonymously. The box contained nothing more than a gravel rock. Everyone was just as confused as Hope until Scott pulled out a box with an engagement ring and exclaimed, “Oh, I think you wanted this kind of rock!” Hope explains, “The rest of the night was filled with so many oh-my-goshes and disbelief that Scott was able to keep such a big secret.”

The Details
From the jump, the couple knew they wanted to be married by water. The Boathouse was the perfect combination of the water setting they love and a local location so all of their friends and family could attend.

Hope wanted many of the aspects of their big day to be untraditional, color being one of them. Sage green won her heart over years prior to their wedding, so she made sure to incorporate it with her bridesmaids’ dresses and linens. Tones of ivory and gold added soft touches of color to balance out the amazing greenery-focused décor.

They carried the nontraditional trend into their ceremony by choosing not to write their own vows. “We searched online for non-traditional wedding vows and found the perfect ones on Pinterest. They were so well written and more importantly, short and sweet!” As an entrance, they had Scott’s cousin play the guitar and sing, “Hallelujah” while he and his family entered. For the exit, they walked out to “This Is What You Came For” because as Hope put it, “…isn’t this what everyone came for?” To top off the non-traditional theme, Hope and Scott wanted their entrance to their reception to WOW guests. “Our song of choice was Here Comes the Boom by Nelly. We also requested that the DJ turn down the lights, pause for drama, and let his fog machine rip…”

The delicious food was provided by The Boathouse and included a mashed potato bar, steak, salmon, and tons of appetizers from deviled eggs to crab dip. They had an open bar to ensure the party stayed lively all night.

Favorite Part of the Day
“Without question, both of our favorite parts was the never-ending dance party we had with our family and friends. We danced until Scott’s shirt was so soaking wet that he had to rip it off, just to catch a breeze.”

Biggest Challenge
“To be honest, I can’t say I really faced any challenges! My maid of honor used to be a wedding planner, so she made picking all of the vendors a piece of cake, pun intended.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Make the wedding all about you and your partner! We wanted to be sure that we were setting ourselves up for exactly what we wanted, and in turn, we truly never felt stressed or challenged the entire process, including the day of! If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a single thing, and that is exactly how every couple should feel.”

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