Real Richmond Wedding Jessica Ricky Kathryn Ivy Blush Inspiration

Jessica and Ricky
September 29, 2017

How They Met
Ricky and Jessica first met in 2009 during Ricky’s fraternity formal in Virginia Beach. Jessica explains, “He instantly made me laugh, which is easily one of my favorite qualities about him.” It wasn’t until a few years later when they actually started dating. Their first date was watching “Tangled,” a movie they have since seen about 30 times (Jessica’s favorite).

The Proposal
Ricky proposed to Jessica at Maymont in the Italian Garden. “I’m pretty hard to surprise. I ask too many questions and want to know too many details about whatever we’re planning to do.” But Ricky was one step ahead. One Sunday, Ricky suggested going to Maymont and casually dropped that Jessica should put on a dress. Ricky had some family in town so Jessica thought nothing of it.  (Except that Ricky’s shirt was tucked in, a little unusual.) As they made their way through, Jessica noticed a photographer and happened to love her shirt. She struck up a conversation and the photographer asked if she could test her camera on them. While taking some photos, Ricky bent down to tie his shoe and pulled out the ring box. “I think he told me he loved me and may have had to tell me to stop talking so he could ask me.” Kathryn, their photographer, captured the precious moment when Jessica said “yes!”

The Details
Jessica, a Richmond Weddings™ vendor (RVA Homes with Jess), knew exactly what she wanted from her big day. “We didn’t have a theme so much as we had elements we wanted to include. Wood tones, hints of gold and mercury glass, greenery, and a simple color palette.”

Jessica really wanted Ricky to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen, so they decided he would wear a lighter gray, while the rest of his guys were in navy. To add a special, personal touch, they added an embroidered monogram to each of the ensembles. “I had a friend of mine embroider my maiden monogram under a layer of my dress, and I had Ricky’s wedding day tie embroidered with our phrase, ‘You’re My Favorite'”

The food was especially important. They wanted their guests to feel like they were sitting at a dinner party eating their favorite dishes. Jessica hand drew the seating chart, bar designs, and cake table signs giving their cozy reception a personal touch.

Favorite Part of the Day
Jessica’s favorite part of the day was after the ceremony where it was just the two of them reveling in the moment they just experienced. Ricky’s favorite? “You know that moment where everyone stares at the groom, waiting for his reaction? The moment right after when they turned and saw how beautiful Jessica looked. How amazing they thought she looked is how I think she looks every day.”

Biggest Challenge
“Limiting the guest count. We both went to VCU and then to separate graduate schools, and we have pretty large families, so it was hard to narrow down the guest list.”

Best Piece of Advice
The newlyweds have two pieces of advice. One, determine your top three things that are important to you, then let the rest figure itself out. And two, select quality vendors. “These are the people you are with all day, who make your wedding what it is. Choose wisely!”