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Julia and Austin
September 2, 2018

The Proposal
After dating for a while, Austin asked Julia to be his wife on March 14, 2018, or Pi Day! Julia explains, “Austin knew he was going to have a hard time surprising me, I also begged not to be embarrassed in public!” It was a Wednesday so Julia did not expect it at all. “When I got home from work, he had cooked dinner and was wearing slacks so I knew something was up!” Austin was so nervous, he doesn’t remember what he said, but Julia didn’t mind as she was busy admiring the gorgeous ring. “He totally honored my style of classic, vintage, and unique.” Later Julia made him propose again when he was a little less nervous!

The Details
The two wanted a venue that showcased their love for the outdoors and their love for horses and foxes. They also were on a tight timeline, so once they found Deep Run Hunt Club they knew it was fate.

Their decor was an eclectic mix of things they both love. “Both of us enjoy reading, Austin especially, so we had old books from my family’s collection as part of the centerpiece decor.” Julia grew up fox hunting and riding horses, so she wanted to incorporate both elements throughout their special day. “The horseshoes were all from the stable where I board my horse.” Over their relationship, Julia and Austin bonded over cups of tea collecting teapots throughout the years. Along with antique china dishes, they used those teapots as adorable centerpieces.

Once Julia found her dress, she knew she wanted it to be the star. “I loved the gown from the beginning and it truly made me feel like a princess. I never could have worn it without Teri at Inspired by the Dress. She revived it, altered it, and made the perfect veil to match!”

Their colors were blush/pink, champagne, and teal as an accent. During their ceremony, they incorporated their family and friends, giving their moment a personalized touch. “My father was our officiant, my brother read scripture, my younger brother prayed before the reception, and his girlfriend sang during the ceremony.”

From the wedding cake to their seating chart, both family and friends helped make Julia and Austin’s wedding a day to remember. With adorable little touches, like paintings of foxes scattered throughout, their wedding was the perfect combination of both personalities.

Favorite Part of the Day
“I can’t pick a favorite, I enjoyed every minute!”

Biggest Challenge
“We were on a very short timeline and a careful budget, plus we were both busy with jobs, volunteering, etc. We didn’t really have time to dedicate to DIY-ing. So, we thought about what was REALLY important to both of us, and tried to focus on those things.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Don’t forget to prepare for marriage in the midst of wedding planning. Your wedding is just one day.”