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Kristen and Chris
November 24, 2018

How They Met
Kristen and Chris first met in high school, but since Chris was a few years older, they really didn’t hang out until years after. Their circles of friends eventually became one and when Chris moved in with a friend down the street from Kristen, they really hit it off. Kristen explains, “I was literally the girl next door!” Their relationship took off quickly, and soon they were inseparable.

The Proposal
Chris popped the question at a New Year’s Eve Party to ring in 2018. Chris had arranged his best friend, and future Best Man, to set fireworks off right after the ball dropped. After the countdown, everyone started to make their way outside for the show. “I grabbed my phone and faced the fireworks. Next thing I know Chris is saying ‘Babe, look over here.’” As Kristen turned to face him, he was on one knee with a ring and asked her to marry him. She said yes through excited tears as fireworks burst and cracked in the background. “Little did I know everyone’s phones were out to record the proposal!”

The Details
The two wanted an outdoor venue with natural beauty and knew immediately that Seven Springs was the right choice. They kept their décor classic, letting the natural ambiance of the venue speak for itself. For their colors they went with a dusty blue and worked from there, adding accents of white, gold, and luscious greenery. The perfect color scheme for their late fall wedding.

On the day of the wedding, Kristen and Chris had all the good luck drops as it rained the entire day. With the help of their planner and venue manager, they made the most of it, taking pictures with adorable matching umbrellas. “Once the day got started nobody even noticed the rain outside. It was still perfect!” Their 70 guests stayed cozy underneath Seven Spring’s pavilion.

Kristen’s favorite part of the day was their first look. “I was so shaky and nervous, but the second he walked into the room I got those butterflies in my stomach and all my worries melted away…From that point on, I felt calm and serene.” For Chris, it was the ceremony because their two families were coming together as one.

As the rare fall storm continued on around them, Kristen and Chris danced, and thanks to their DJ, kept the party going all night long. The perfect night full of food, family, fun, and a few extra drops of luck.

Biggest Challenge
“Our biggest challenge was definitely the weather. For two weeks, the weather was showing rain or that Saturday, and I just knew it was going to change the closer we got because in Virginia nothing ever stays consistent with the weather report for two weeks out!”

Best Piece of Advice
“I think the one decision we made that made the most significant difference was hiring a wedding planner/coordinator. She was on top of every detail from the day we signed on with her until the last guest left the reception. We felt confident going into our wedding day because she gave us amazing guidance, and kept everyone and everything on schedule. So, so, so helpful, and 100% less stressful when you have a million other things running through your head before your big day!”

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