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Lexie and Jack
October 6, 2018

How They Met
Lexie and Jack met at a Halloween party at the University of Richmond. Lexie quickly caught Jack’s eye as he skated around the dance floor on rollerblades dressed as a hockey player. Lexie explains, “While the rollerblades didn’t help his dance moves, they made for a great ice breaker!” The two later had their first date and hit it off immediately.

The Proposal
Jack decided he wanted to propose to Lexie at the peak of one of Virginia’s most difficult hiking trails, Old Rag. “Although Jack thought he was surprising me, I had a hunch what was to come when he woke me up an hour before sunrise and rushed me up the mountain.” Jack proposed at one of the first peaks, and the two enjoyed the rest of the beautiful hike together, letting the excitement sink in.

The Details
For their wedding, they knew they wanted a mix of traditional and nontraditional components throughout. At their ceremony, they buried the bourbon behind the altar, one unique Southern tradition that kept the rain away that day! Lexie looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle, Jack’s favorite part of the day.

While they didn’t have a specific theme in mind, they knew they wanted to enhance the natural beauty of their venue, so they kept their decor relatively simple with little pops of glam scattered throughout. For their colors, they went with deep fall tones. “We didn’t want the colors to be too intense and also didn’t want to compete with all the natural colors of our venue.” Lexie’s girls wore a lovely blue-grey color while Jack’s best guys wore navy suits.

“We wanted a more casual atmosphere for the reception and wanted unique and nontraditional food that our guests would love.” With tacos and pizza being these two U of R grads’ favorite foods, it was a no-brainer. They also had signature cocktails, named after their dorms at their alma mater, North Court and South Court. They also set up a Moscow mule bar for guests to enjoy before the ceremony, which “got great reviews from the guests!”

Their fall night ended in a celebration on the dance floor, Lexie’s favorite part of the day. “It was such an amazing feeling to have a mix of everyone from different parts of your life in one place, and seeing everyone having a great time on the dance floor really tied it all together!”

Favorite Part of the Day
While Lexie’s favorite part of the day was on the dance floor, Jack’s favorite part of the day was when he was standing at the altar and watching the bridal party, and then Lexie, walk down the aisle. Up until then, the day had been frantic prepping for the wedding and the exciting reality really set in at that moment.

Biggest Challenge
“Our biggest challenge for planning our wedding was selecting & managing so many vendors. Our wedding planner (Bryce Carson) did a fantastic job managing the process. He helped us to identify exactly what types of vendors we would need, provided us with recommendations for vendors in each category that were within our budget, and helped us through the selection process.”

Best Piece of Advice
“All of the stress of planning is worth it on the big day and all of the memories after!”

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