Lindsay and Brendan
August 18, 2019

How They Met
Lindsay and Brendan’s relationship is a Tinder success story. They swiped right on each other in November 2014. Lindsay was living in Charlottesville with Brendan in Richmond. Lindsay explains, “I had been in Richmond [a lot] and he told me if I found myself in the area again and wanted to get coffee with a nerdy guy to let him know.”

Lindsay quickly made an excuse to be in Richmond and the two explored Maymont together, one of Brendan’s favorite spots. “We immediately bonded over the music and books we liked, how we both love the 1920’s…we noticed that we coincidentally liked a lot of the same uncommon things.”

The next weekend Brendan made the trip to Charlottesville where Lindsay put together a scavenger hunt around downtown. “Shortly after this, we came to the conclusion that the distance between Charlottesville and Richmond wasn’t enough to keep us from going on dates, so he asked me to be his girlfriend!”

The Proposal
About three and a half years later, Lindsay and Brendan settled down in Richmond and adopted a sweet little pup, Zelda (named after Zelda Fitzgerald, of course!) One weekend in July 2018, Lindsay’s parents were visiting from Canada and they all decided to travel to a friends’ home for a dinner on their patio. They had already been talking about taking the next step in their relationship and they even toured a wedding venue with their parents that morning! “Since Brendan and I were heading to Sicily a week later, I was totally thinking something was going to happen on our trip.” Instead, Brendan made a toast to the people that meant the most to them, then proceeded to get down on one knee. “It was absolutely perfect having my parents there to celebrate with us and our close friends who still talk about how special it was to witness such a moment!”

The two whisked off to Sicily the next week, on cloud nine and newly engaged.

The Details
While the two were in Sicily, Lindsay tasked her mom with finding a venue while they were gone. “My mom attended the [Richmond Weddings™] show, and this is how she connected with Historic Mankin Mansion, which ended up working out beautifully!” They were completely blown away by The Gallery room…and booked it on the spot!

They knew from the very start that they wanted their ceremony to be short and sweet as neither of them resonated with doing a long, drawn-out ceremony with readings or other common practices. The two, instead, wrote their own vows and did a special hand-fasting ceremony. “In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Brendan and I bought the materials for, and braided our own hand-fasting cord, which is an Irish tradition.”

The 1920s was the inspiration behind their August night. They wanted hints of the Art Deco era, entwined with a more modern feel. The Gallery room at Historic Mankin Mansion fit their vision perfectly.

Their theme was driven home by their wedding day attire. Lindsay’s dress was an Art Deco inspired gown and Brendan looked dapper in a custom gray Empire suit with a slight check pattern. While they didn’t have official colors, they ended up sticking to mostly black and metallics, letting their centerpieces, an elegant arrangement of monstera leaves and cat palms, be the pop of color. “We didn’t overthink the decor, we just wanted it to be simple and preferably inexpensive!”

“Our goal was to make the event feel like one big party while remaining elegant, and the venue perfectly accommodated those needs! Most of all, we wanted guests to be comfortable and to have a fun, yet relaxing time.”

Favorite Part of the Day
According to Lindsay, her favorite parts were the moments leading up to things. “I felt so content, just knowing that this was the easiest decision of my life and that I was about to finally marry my very best friend!”

Brendan says their First Look was up there for him because it was the first breather amidst all of the chaos and up until then he had been surrounded by everybody BUT Linsday. “It was so nice to have that moment of calmness before it picked up.”

Biggest Challenge
Lindsay and Brendan say their two biggest challenges were the budget and their guest list.

Best Piece of Advice
“Start early, don’t sweat the small stuff, and break the planning up into bite-sized pieces. Most of all, don’t feel bad for taking breaks from planning!”