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Morgan and David
September 2, 2017

How They Met
Morgan and David met while the two were residents at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. David was a Radiation Oncology resident and Morgan was an Oncology Pharmacy resident. Morgan was sent to shadow breast cancer service in the radiation oncology clinic and was paired with David for his experience. Morgan explains, “We saw patients together and he taught me about radiation oncology and I taught him about oncology pharmacy.” One night, there was a terrible snow storm, and Morgan sent David a page to be careful driving home. David responded with his phone number and to let him know if she needed any help, “like an absolute gentleman.”

The two hung out often, but they didn’t go on an official date until Morgan finished her residency. “We went to a Thai place for dinner and then drove me to the middle of nowhere to look at the stars. I knew at that moment that he was very special and like no one I had ever met before.”

The Proposal
David proposed to Morgan on March 4, 2016, where it all began, the Radiation Oncology Clinic at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The two had a tradition of always waiting for each other in the lobby of the Cancer Center before saying goodbye. That Friday afternoon David asked Morgan to go back to the clinic with him because he had forgotten something. “We walked into the team room and he got down on one knee and proposed in the sweetest way possible.” The timing was perfect as Morgan got to share the news via Facetime to her grandmother in hospice care, who passed about an hour after the news. “We like to think she was able to let go because she knew I was in great hands!”

The Details
“I just wanted a classy, timeless, and gorgeous wedding.” The two wanted everything to be natural and earth toned with a warm and ethereal touch.

Morgan’s girls wore dusty blue while David’s groomsmen looked classic in navy. “We both love blue and wanted to incorporate it into the wedding, while remaining more understated.” The beautiful blue looked perfect against the natural greenery that Seven Springs has.

At their intimate ceremony, Morgan and David said heartfelt handwritten vows. Their officiant spoke on their commitment and love, making their ceremony even more special. “My father-in-law made an arbor that we got married under and it was covered in gorgeous greenery and flowers, making it extra special to stand under.”

They continued their theme into their family-style reception where Morgan and David sat in front of all their guests. Each table had names on beautiful cards and hung from a decoration made by their planner. For their favors Morgan’s mom had grown lavender, drying it and putting it in personalized bags.

Favorite Part of the Day
Morgan’s favorite part of the day was their first dance together to Yours Forever. “It was the first time it was just us and able to take in that moment as husband and wife.” David’s favorite part was Morgan walking down the aisle. He picked the Elvis’ classic Can’t Help Falling in Love. One of Morgan’s friend’s played it as Morgan walked down with her dad.

Biggest Challenge
“Making sure that I was making each decision based on what we wanted and what was best for us. It’s very easy to be persuaded into doing what everyone else is doing!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Get help from a wedding planner so you can enjoy the wedding planning process! I also think it’s incredibly important to remember that it is YOUR wedding and that you spend too much money and time on it not to have a wonderful time!”