Paulyn and Jeffrey
June 3, 2017

How They Met:
Paulyn and Jeffrey first met in 2009. The two had a ton of mutual friends, but just never seemed to run into each other. But as fate would have it, Paulyn was watching a friend’s band play when Jeffrey showed up at the same bar. The two were introduced and hit it off immediately. Paulyn was living in Richmond at this point, but Jeff was still finishing up college in Norfolk at ODU. Paulyn explains, “I was home pretty often as my family lives in Hampton Roads, so he asked if I wanted to hang out one weekend while I was home.”

Their first date was fun and low-key. They went to watch the same friend play another show, this time at Virginia Beach. Since the two had so many mutual friends, it was an awesome time. “We fit so easily into each others’ lives and circles that it just felt pretty natural to be together.”

The Proposal:
Jeffrey asked Paulyn to be his wife at Quirk hotel on November 18, 2015. “We both really love our adopted hometown of Richmond, and Quirk is such an iconic part of Richmond.” Paulyn loved going to the gallery, and Jeff knew how excited she was for the rooftop venue to open. Jeff, who is also a photographer, was friends with the Quirk Gallery Director at the time and called in a favor. He told her his plan to propose on the rooftop, and she graciously agreed to help him, even though the rooftop wasn’t open to the public just yet!

“Jeff told me that he was working on a photography project with Quirk and as part of that assignment he was getting a tour of the hotel, plus the rooftop.” Jeff asked if Paulyn wanted to come along, and she said “Yes!” Then when he got down on one knee on the empty rooftop, she said yes again.

The Details: 
“Our wedding was a chance to show all our friends and family why we love Richmond so much, so we wanted to choose venues that highlighted the best of Richmond because we wanted them to fall in love with the city just as much as we had.” Their rehearsal dinner was at the VMFA, their ceremony was at Libby Hill Park, and Quirk for their reception was an easy choice. “We were planning on having a very small wedding anyways, and the rooftop was the perfect setting for an intimate, yet super fun party.”

For the ceremony, the two let the breathtaking view of Richmond do the work for them. They chose some simple floral arrangements — long ropes of eucalyptus garlands strung along the banisters, some simple airplants displayed in modern geometric vessels, and some pink and white flowers for romance.

“We wanted our reception to feel casual and intimate. We didn’t want to do formal seating, we opted to do a mix of lounge furniture, standing tables, and a few seated tables because we wanted our guests to be moving around and mingling and eating and dancing!” The couple included some cute games at some of the seating areas including a giant Jenga and some wood and brass tic-tac-toe sets, which played off their wedding hashtag #xoxothecampos. Instead of a formal photo booth, guests shot their own photos with a mini polaroid camera, snapping selfies with some fun props, including giant cardboard faces of their dog Beaux.

Jeff and Paulyn wanted their guests to see what a cool city Richmond is, and how magical it could be. A rooftop with beautiful views on a gorgeous summer night did the trick. Paulyn elaborates, “We also caught the fireworks show happening at the Diamond that night, which was a nice unexpected and unplanned touch!”

Favorite Part of the Day: 
For Jeffrey, it was seeing Paulyn in her dress for the first time. As for Paulyn, it’s impossible to pick just one! “If I had to choose a favorite, it would be at the end of the night when all of our friends and family were good and drunk on the dance floor SCREAMING the lyrics to ‘The Fugees Killing Me Softly’ at the top of their lungs on the rooftop at Quirk!”

Biggest Challenge: 
“Probably just trying to stay within our budget!”

Best Piece of Advice: 

“I guess I would just say that your wedding is just that, your wedding, and if you have a vision or feel strongly about how you want your wedding to be, you should stick to what you want. Ultimately, the night is going to be yours to remember forever, not anyone else’s so don’t let others’ opinions lead you to do something you don’t want to do.”