Rebecca and Nick

June 23, 2017

How They Met:
Rebecca and Nick met in 2010 during their freshman year at Randolph-Macon College. Rebecca was on the swim team so her first semester at college was busy with practices and meets. Once the season was over, one of her teammates invited Rebecca to a party at the new fraternity on campus, Kappa Alpha, which Nick had just joined. Nick started out talking to one of Rebecca’s teammates, but by the end of the night, he was smitten with Rebecca. The next day, Rebecca saw him on campus, she explains, “I saw him from a distance, so I turned around and walked the other way to avoid him!” Since Randolph-Macon is a small campus, the avoiding only lasted a few days, and the two started hanging out regularly. Their first official date was a spring formal hosted by Nick’s fraternity. From then on the two were inseparable.

The Proposal:
Nick asked Rebecca to be his wife on her 25th birthday in May 2016. Both Nick and Rebecca are school teachers, so both were looking forward to that birthday Friday as a time to relax. “I didn’t want anything big for my birthday that night, so we had dinner at my parent’s house.” Her mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law were all sitting down for cake when Nick went into the other room. “Right after my mom put my cake on the table, Nick walked in and got down on one knee in front of my family and said, ‘I love you and I love your family, will you marry me?’” Since the two had been dating for about 6 years, her family said, “about time!” Rebecca, of course, said yes.

The Details:
The two wanted something in Richmond where they could have an outdoor ceremony (as well as an indoor backup!) and The Dominion Club more than fit the bill. While their day didn’t have a direct theme, they were aiming for classic and elegant with small personal touches. They kept with traditional soft colors that come with a summer wedding. Decor also included in-season roses and peonies from Petals & Twigs that perfectly matched the blush pink Rebecca’s bridesmaids wore.

The ceremony had personal details incorporated throughout. The happy couple’s best four-legged friend, Sadie, was the acting flower girl. Nick walked her down the aisle with a wreath of roses around her neck. The two included Sadie even more by giving out homemade dog treats as favors, for the guests’ “four-legged loves of their lives.”

For the reception, the couple wanted to have fun. “From the very beginning, we knew we wanted a band to really create a lively, fun, dancing atmosphere.” The Dominion Club’s dance floor was packed. The newlyweds had a dessert table to honor Nick’s home and family. “It consisted of Fralinger’s Mint Sticks, which were invented by Nick’s great-grandfather. Also Smith Island Cakes, from Nick’s home state of Maryland.”

Favorite Part of the Day:
“My favorite part of the day was standing at the altar with Nick while holding hands and listening to the pastor. It was quiet, peaceful, and it felt perfect.”

Biggest Challenge:
“The guest list—specifically, where to draw the line and how to keep numbers at a manageable and affordable count.”

Best Advice:
“Take a minute at the reception to step back out of the crowd with your new husband and take it all in! Every person in the room is celebrating the love between the two of you, and you need to see the joy of that moment!”