Sarah and Elliot

September 2, 2016

How they Met:
Sarah and Elliot met in 2007 in the communal kitchen of their residential magnet high school. A friend had told Sarah that a really cute guy invited her over for breakfast, and they should go check him out. Sarah explains, “Elliot was flipping pancakes and coolly asked if we’d like a stack, inviting us to stay and chat.” Sarah would later find out that Elliot had a huge crush on her, and had planned the whole meeting with her friend. The two became friends, but went off to college, unknowingly to the same university, and lost touch for a few years. As fate would have it, Sarah was out with some friends at a garden pub when she spotted Elliot. “With liquid courage under my belt, I approached him. This time, there were major sparks flying!” Elliot asked Sarah to dinner the following week and they shared a tower of onion rings, and the rest was history.

The Proposal:
Elliot was on a long business trip to Austria when Sarah received a text that he was planning on coming home a day earlier than he had originally planned. Sarah waited at the airport terminal the following night, and once she saw him walking towards her, she ran to him. After a minute of hugging, he started to pull away. “I told him I wasn’t done hugging him yet and squeezed him tighter.” That’s when Elliot whispered in her ear, “Sarah, will you marry me.” She stepped back, absolutely shocked, and started sobbing and vigorously nodding her head. “He told me afterwards that he was pulling away from me so that he could kneel but I, lovingly, was thwarting his plan.”

The Details
The pair settled on Quirk Hotel because they felt it represented them well as a couple. “We both love our city and we loved the idea that we could get married in a uniquely Richmond place where we could enjoy the skyline from a beautiful rooftop lounge.” The wedding was intimate, with only 10 guests, making the Quirk the perfect location for their party of 12. The rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch, ceremony, and reception were all at Quirk’s beautifully designed location.

“Elliot and I tend to be minimalist in design, and we gravitate towards simplicity.” They wanted a wedding with lots of natural light and an ethereal feel without the clutter of “things.” They used neutral and natural colors that mimic nature, and kept with shades of cream and ivory with accents of gold. There were a hearty mix of Italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus, and boxwood to provide ample greenery for the centerpieces. The two wanted their closest family and friends to be wowed by the amazing amount of love, respect, and happiness they shared.

The early September night ended with a Richmond sunset that all enjoyed from Quirk’s rooftop.

Favorite Part of the Day:
“My absolute favorite part of the day was seeing the look on Elliot’s face when I first started to walk towards him during the ceremony.”

Biggest Challenge:
“Minimizing frivolous spending.”

Best Advice:
“Enjoy every second of your wedding day because it flies by!”