By Flynn Cross

The big day is approaching, and while you’re planning away, you may forget one thing: yourself! How can a busy bride-to-be take time for herself, stay in great shape and keep in good health?

Three things come to mind: traditional gym exercises, a relaxing workout such as yoga or something that can shake up your routine where you barely realize you’re exercising! An aerial fitness or dance class might be just the thing you need to blow off some steam in the middle of balancing life and your plans for your wedding.

All of these things promote a healthy, fit, and glowing woman.  Finding your perfect workout routine leads to relaxation and a feeling of accomplishment, not to mention have you looking amazing in your wedding dress. Whether you prefer the treadmill or a fast paced aerobics class, the gym is a great place to relieve stress and keep your body healthy and strong.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing after a stressful day, practicing yoga is a great way to work on lengthening your body, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility, and focusing on your breathing. Yoga is perfect for the bride or groom who needs to find more quiet in her or his everyday life but still wants to work on certain fitness goals, too.

If your workout routine needs to be shaken up or you’re just looking for a way to add some excitement to your daily routine, why not try an aerial fitness class?  Taking to the air is a great way to build total body strength, not to mention it gives you toned arms, which are just right for that strapless or halter dress.  Taking an aerial fitness or dance class is one of the best ways to gain upper body strength quickly!

Aerial fitness and dance classes come in many forms.  You can take a pole dance class, a lyra class (a steel hoop suspended in the air), or an aerial silks class.  All of these classes are fun and empowering.  Pole dance classes are a fun way to get fit and bring out that sultry side of you!

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You may say to yourself, “I could never do that!” Well, think again!  There are classes for beginners all the way to professional level right here in RVA!  You can do it, and you will make some incredible friends along the way!

From finding your perfect dress to picking the perfect champagne, planning your wedding can be the most exhilarating and most stressful time of your life.  Don’t forget to take care of the most precious part of that planning: you!  Finding a workout routine that suits you can help to reduce the stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Flynn Cross is the owner of Soul Aerial & Performing Arts Center in Richmond VA. They provide unique fitness classes for men and women looking to spice up their work out routine!  For more information, please visit

You might recognize Flynn & her staff of performers from the January Expo!!

Photo by Third Eye Studios
Photo by Third Eye Studios