Bianca and Paul
May 25, 2019

How They Met
Paul and Bianca met while Paul was stationed in Norfolk, through their church. They had their first date at Maymont, then drank smoothies outside of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart before Mass, where they would later be married. They spent the afternoon laughing and bonding over cheesy jokes. Bianca explains, “I wanted the date to go on forever.”

The Proposal
Bianca and Paul were engaged in Sandbridge, VA after a trip to Savannah, and right before Paul was on his way to deployment. Since they only had cell phone pictures with each other, they wanted to have professional photos taken, “I wanted something I could look at for the next eight months!” As they were changing into their second outfits, Paul suggested Bianca take some solo pictures on the beach. “I looked up at the top of the beach to see Paul with a full smile making his way to me.” Paul popped the question and Bianca said yes.

The Details
On their wedding day, the ceremony at the spot of their first date was beautiful. With ceremony musicians on the balcony above, they said their “I do’s,” Bianca looking flawless and Paul looking crisp in his dress whites.

“We chose The Jefferson Hotel because of its historical significance to the city,” not to mention the beauty of the venue. Instead of bringing in a ton of themed elements, Bianca and Paul wanted the venue to shine. “I knew that I wanted everything, clean, classic, and timeless.”

While they never chose official colors, they knew they wanted crisp white flowers with greenery heavy throughout the room. They incorporated flowering dogwoods, the state flower for Virginia and North Carolina, their respective home states.

These two entered the reception down the grand staircase in The Jefferson Hotel as their closest family and friends cheered. After a delicious dinner and equally gorgeous cake, they danced the night away, ending the night with a glow stick exit to the elevator, their favorite part of the day.”

Favorite Part of the Day
“Our favorite part of the day was when we officially became husband and wife. Yet, a standout moment was when the ballroom had cleared out and they lined up in the hallway for our glow stick exit to the elevator to take us to The Jefferson Suite, we had our DJ put on, “Shake the Frost,” by Tyler Childers and it was just us two in the ballroom and the staff was cleaning up around us and we could hear our family and friends already cheering but it was just us two singing that song and swaying together. I guess you could say we had a first dance and a last dance. It was so special and we still talk about it to this day.”

Biggest Challenge
“The biggest challenge was imagining how it would all look together and making sure it was cohesive. When I was overwhelmed by being in the unknown I would just trust that everything we had picked from the venue to the flowers to the dress to the people to the love was our favorite and it would all be beautiful no matter what.”

Best Piece of Advice
“My best piece of advice would be to eat your dinner, dance, drink the champagne and kiss your new husband a lot!”

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