By the team at Kim Moody Design

Involving stepparents in your wedding can be a complicated part a wedding, and many couples stress over how to include them in their big day. The way you choose to set the tone for them at the celebration will likely continue throughout the next chapters of your lives as a married couple. How stepparents will be involved is something that should be addressed very early on in your planning process.

Family dynamics are complex, and no one wants to feel excluded. Stepparent involvement usually boils down to the relationship held between the child and the parent who is actually paying for the event. Let your wedding planner know more information about your family situation from the beginning so they can help and make suggestions. We encourage clients to include their stepparents; after all, they may have helped raise you!

Just opening up the conversation with stepparents and biological families is not enough. All family members should be consulted throughout the planning process and involved as much as possible while being respectful of your family dynamics. There are questions to consider:

How are you handling family VIP seating during the ceremony?

Where does everyone fit in the seating chart at the reception?

Should they be incorporated into any special dances or other rituals?

Your wedding planner has been through this before. They can offer you a fresh approach and fun ways to include everyone. Being sensitive to the components about your parents’ relationships that you may not be aware of is extremely important. Your parents love you, and you can show your love to them by including their spouse where appropriate. It is the couples’ responsibility to initiate that conversation and guide everyone to a successful, inclusive wedding experience.

Weddings are one of your biggest celebrations of life, and it’s important not to allow your happiness to become a divisive scenario for the family.

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