By Jeaketa Manga with Manga’s Mini Treats

Tiered wedding cakes, white wedding dresses, and flower covered pews/arches were the norm for most of our parent’s and grandparent’s weddings. But a lot has changed since that time. No longer do couples rely on traditions and family heirlooms as the go-to for our special days. They want to do something that is unique and a representation of their personalities. So out with the old and in comes the new!

Over the past few years new trends have started emerging, some a little more interesting than others. There are destination weddings, wedding dresses in all colors (even red and black), and bridesmen. Some people have even moved away from having the traditional wedding cake. It might have something to do with the want for instant gratification, who has time to wait for things?

Apparently, this includes waiting for someone to cut the cake. We want it now and we want to eat it quickly, even if that means no forks! Here’s a look at some of the trends that  have emerged in place of the “Cake Cutting” ceremony for today’s weddings:


Piles and piles of delicious donuts have arrived on the scene as the “cake” for recent weddings. They come in all flavors and bring a unique flair to the dessert table. Also, they are handheld and pretty much done in a few bites.


Sarah & Dave Photography

Coffee, ice cream, cookies, s’mores, and more have become the central trend of recent celebrations. These everyday comfort foods have become a symbol of love and an awesome way to show the couple’s personalities together.


You know the ones, the delicious pops of cake that are oh-so gooey and delicious. There are huge cake pop stands, some even going from floor to ceiling! Guests can come and just grab their “piece of cake” on a stick, taking it with them as they go to the dance floor. They are lightweight and technically made with cake, just on a stick!


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Some weddings have little tarts in the place of cake or full pies. Imagine not having to wait until the holidays to enjoy your favorite pies? And what if you don’t even like cake that much? Let them all eat pie! This is also a great option if you have a special family recipe, like your aunt’s famous sweet potato tart or grandma’s secret recipe for lemon chess pie.


Of course, last but certainly not least, more and more a myriad of cupcake flavors are replacing the traditional wedding cake. Whether they are mini or standard size, they take the guesswork out of who will serve and plate your cake for you. Guests can just grab and go!

With these new dessert trends, there is something for everyone. If you are not particularly fond of cake, then have something else. Your imagination is the limit! Your guests will appreciate not waiting for the cake cutting and will talk about your wedding for years to come. Enjoy!

Jeaketa Manga is the owner of Manga’s Mini Treats, a home-based bakery located in Chesterfield, VA. They specialize in delectable mini treats for weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and engagement parties. Learn more at: