By Kim Moody

So you’re having a blast gown shopping, planning your color scheme and browsing Pinterest, but have you thought through all of the wedding day logistics? Here are a few things that brides rarely have time to think about on or before their big day:

Who is responsible for . . .

  • Directing the rehearsal, putting together a ceremony plan, assigning where your attendants stand, and assisting parents and grandparents with where to sit?
  • Setting up the reception space and putting out all the little personal touches and DIY projects you”™ve been working on?
  • Pinning boutonnieres on the groomsmen, fathers, grandparents, etc.?
  • Putting the petals in the flower girl’s basket and ensuring she makes it down the aisle?
  • Drying off the bouquets, handing them out to the bridesmaids and pinning corsages on the mothers and grandmothers?
  • Loading the gifts into your vehicle during dinner so your presents and cards don’t get misplaced during the reception?
  • Cleaning up when the party is over?

What is the correct answer to all of these questions? Your wedding planner and their team!

The beauty of working with a true professional is that they”™ve done it hundreds of times before. You do not have to think of every detail because you”™ve hired a wedding planner to make those arrangements for you!

Regardless of how many hours of planning and stressing you”™ve done, you have not thought of everything — it’s impossible! You are human and it’s likely your first time doing this. When it comes to planning and executing fabulous events, it takes years of practice to know how to dot every “i” and cross every “t.”

Juggling all of the emotions of actually getting married, being social with your friends and family who made a special trip for your big day, looking beautiful in your photos, and being mentally present for the ceremony as well as the celebration is plenty of responsibility for you as the bride. It will be infinitely more enjoyable if you entrust a professional to manage the event details.

Another advantage to hiring a professional is that event planners are well connected to other wedding vendors. They generally know all the best professionals in your area and likely consider many of them friends. This also means they’re aware of their individual styles, strengths and weaknesses. Wedding planners can narrow down the huge market of vendors and select a few that will perfectly suit your needs and priorities. In addition, planners are sometimes given “trade discounts” for repeat business, which will likely benefit you and your budget.

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Of course, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. However, most offer different packages to suit your personal needs and allow you to get to know them before you sign on the dotted line.

There are often four services that planners offer:

·             Day Of Coordination/Event Management

·             Partial Planning

·             Total/Full Planning (which includes monthly meetings & logistical support)

·             The Ultimate “at your beck and call, day or night” Package (which includes step-by-step support and availability by phone, text, email, etc. at any time)

An assortment of different package options is perfect for brides with different budgets. Planners will often tailor specific plans to suit your needs and what will work best for your event. For brides that are unsure of what it would be like to have a planner and want to get a feel for the experience of working together, coordinators may offer a short meeting (for a onetime fee) if you prefer to get professional feedback on some of your burning logistical wedding questions.

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Your planner should be your biggest advocate and truly understand your wedding vision as well as your individual family dynamics. It is imperative that any hired vendors fit your personality, share your dream and work together to create the perfect day. With all the logistics and planning that go into a wedding day, you should invest in a support team of professionals to ensure that your wedding is an amazing event experience for you, your family, and your guests!

Kim Moody is the owner and principal planner at Kim Moody Design, a full-service event planning team celebrating their 11th year in business. With offices in Blackstone and Richmond, they also provide fresh floral design, linen & decor rentals, invitations, and much more! For more information, visit

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