By Marissa McCormick

“There’s no reason why every one of our events shouldn’t be absolutely perfect.” Dylan Adams, Director of Design, elaborates on his business – The Lighting & Sound Company. It’s the middle of wedding season and Dylan and his brother Logan, Director of Operations, take a break from the hustle and bustle at the Richmond Weddings™ office.

Dylan, who has a deep understanding of lighting and lighting design explains, “I always say to couples, all of the other décor will change the way your event looks, but lighting will change the way your event feels.”

Dylan and Logan are just one part of the impressive team at The Lighting & Sound Company. While the two have different wired minds, Dylan being more creative while Logan more analytical, they have one common knowledge – how to run a business. The two grew up in the industry, helping out with their family’s wedding venue, Virginia Barn Wedding. It was when Dylan went to VCU Arts for Lighting Design and Logan to VCU’s Business school that they saw the need and potential. Logan describes, “We always knew we would get into business together.” Along with Jonathan Blake, Director of Technology, the guys put their combined 40 years of lighting and event experience to good use.

When meeting with them, one immediately recognizes their professionalism. They know the answer to any question you might have, as well as anticipating any other concern you might be thinking. They understand that this is most couple’s first time dealing with lighting. Logan explains, “We’re really big into educating our clients and avoiding using big industry terms that would just leave them more confused.”

Lighting & Sound doesn’t want it to be about price…ever. Dylan says, “We like to ask the couple what they are willing to spend, and we’ll give them the best experience for their budget, hands down.” While they do offer packages, these guys understand that every wedding is different, and each budget deserves an experience that meets their standards.

Inspiration and imagination are what they bring to each consultation. During your initial meeting, they’ll take you around their impressive showroom, or they’ll walk your venue with you, building the vision right before your eyes. Logan explains, “Even if it’s a space we work with all the time, there’s nothing like seeing a bride’s eyes light up as you show them the potential of their event.”

So, what does lighting entail? There are Uplights, an LED spotlight that projects a colored spotlight onto the wall or tent. Logan describes, “There’s nothing else that will change the mood of your event.” Then there are Bistro Lights or those stringed lights that make your night feel like you’re underneath the Tuscan stars. Then there are the lights that really take your event to the next level. Chandeliers that give your space (yes, even tents) that irreplaceable touch of elegance. There are inspots or a narrow beam spotlight that can illuminate certain aspects on a table, like your cake or centerpieces. There’s also a first dance spotlight that makes you feel like the star of your big first moment as a married couple. Dylan, whose eyes light up talking about it explains, “The possibilities are endless and the customization is unimaginable.” One thing lighting directly affects is your photographs. A photographer, no matter how talented, can only do so much with lighting. By creating that desired ambiance, your photos will turn out exactly the way you want.

With Lighting & Sound, they’ll do whatever it takes to make your vision come to life. Dylan admits, “We’re customer obsessed.” Not only do they take the time with each customer to develop an individual vision, they work to make sure they’re offering the highest quality of service. With the best equipment on the market and a team of over 40 highly trained technicians, a couple can be confident that they’re receiving the best. From their audio/video services to their draping, you’ll be working with them the entire time.

When talking about lighting it all feels so technical. Uplights, Pinspots, LED jargon. But all in all, lighting is the only piece of décor that deals with feeling. It’s that warm orange glow that lets you feel like you’re in the middle of a bright, sunny day during your reception. Or that moment when your parents sneak out to the patio, stealing a minute to themselves on the big day, to look up at the stars underneath those bistro lights. Or that moment during your first dance where everything seems to melt away because the only thing illuminated is your sweetheart as you sway back and forth.

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“Lighting affects everything. Bottom Line.” The Lighting & Sound Company settles for nothing less than Event Perfection. Quality, Safety, Service, and Integrity are Lighting & Sound’s fundamental pillars. Dylan elaborates, “We only have one shot to get it right, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped turn thousands of moments into memories.” Lighting is more than bulbs and wires to them, it’s the opportunity to make a couple’s dream come true.

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