By Faith Anderson with Richmond Weddings™

Favors are the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your guests! There are endless ideas for what you can give, but better yet, tons of budget-friendly ones. Choosing to go the DIY route gives you creative freedom and the opportunity to create something that commemorates your wedding without breaking the bank.

1. Succulents or Seed Packets
Why not give your guests something green to remember your wedding day? Give them a cute succulent with your wedding date on the pot. They can keep the little cactus on their desk and think of you every time they water it. Or let them do the planting themselves with a packet of seeds as a favor. You’ll be able to give back to the world through trees and flowers.

unique wedding favors guests richmond thrown

2. Hot Sauces or Spice Mixes
Are you serving Southern cuisine at your reception? Carry that theme into your favors! Personalized hot sauce bottles or spice packets are the perfect way to take home a piece of your special day. Create a fun name for the sauce or spice mixture that incorporates your wedding hashtag or brand new last name! Now every time your guests cook, they’ll remember how special your wedding was (and how good the hot sauce is!)

3. “Hangover” Kits
Plan ahead and prepare for a night of fun! Hangover kits are the perfect gift for those who need a little help the day after. Customize a jar with a humorous slogan about hangovers, and fill it with some headache-relieving medicine, like ibuprofen. Once they’ve taken their “hangover cure,” they can refill and reuse it. Then each time they need a little help, they can laugh and remember how much fun they had at your wedding!

unique wedding favors guests richmond thrown

Favors are the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

4. Olive Oil, Essential Oil Kits
Who doesn’t love essential oils? They have so many uses! That’s why they’re perfect to give as a favor. You can customize a blend that is personal to you so that any time it’s used, it is immediately a reminder of your wedding! Or offer a bar where guests can create their own oil blend. Either way, they will love taking home something so personal and multi-purposeful!

unique wedding favors guests richmond thrown

5. Airplane Bottles
Add a “drink me!” tag or customize cute packaging with your wedding date to create the most adorable favor. Your guests will appreciate the thought that went into the packaging and better yet, they’ll have fun drinking it! Nothing better than a favor that actually gets used.

6. DIY Bug Spray
Are you having an outdoor wedding? Create your own DIY bug spray to offer guests as they walk in the door! It’s the perfect favor that they will actually use during the ceremony, and most likely forgot to bring for themselves. They’ll be grateful that they left without any bug bites!