Meet Shauna Hansen, Studio Co-Owner at Painting with a Twist. Painting with a Twist is perfect for a bachelorette/bachelor party, bridal shower, or even just a date night out! Drinking wine while painting? Yes please!

What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you?
Painting With a Twist offers a unique, memorable experience for the Bachelorette and her friends. Paint and sip wine (or your favorite beverage) and have a great time as one of our artists help guide you through the creation of your own masterpiece!

What’s a weird/unusual tip you tell your couples?
Remember what’s most important. Weddings are never just about the two of you, the honeymoon is! That being said, take into consideration that you will need to learn how to work and cooperate with family members that are trying to help you.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?
Being surrounded by art and watching people who have never painted before discover their inner-artist!

How did you get to where you are now?
Originally an accountant, Shauna has had a passion for art since high school but chose to pursue a stable career over her love of art. After speaking with her aunt, who owns two Painting with a Twist locations in Buffalo, and researching the company’s mission she knew opening a studio in Richmond would not only be an asset to the community but also give her the ability to reconnect with her passion for art.

What’s your go-to spot to eat in RVA?
Deep Run Roadhouse, Baker’s Crust, or Home Team Grill

What did you want to be when you were little?

What was your first job?
Tim Hortons.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Raisin Bran.

What do you like to do when you are away from work?
Vacation with my family.

Where is your happy place?
Disney World.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
Running my studio.

What would be in your dream sandwich?
Beef of Weck.

What about Nachos?
Lots of cheese!

What’s your go-to dance move?
The running man!

Learn more about Shauna and the rest of the team at Painting with a Twist on their website!